‘High fidelity’, the five ruptures most painful of Zoë Kravitz


One of the risks of the adaptations are the comparisons, it is inevitable to make them. In the case of High fidelity the series premiered last month on Hulu, the challenge came by twice.

Under the shade of the homonymous novel by Nicky Hornby and the film adaptation of the year 2000 by Stephen Fears, the version of Sarah Kucserka and Veronica Becker came with an added risk, the turn-of-nut of his protagonist.

The Rob female

Zoë Kravitz is the one in charge of giving life to Rob Brooks. Unlike the works of Hornby and Fears, on this occasion Rob is a girl-american alliance in the XXI century. Not only is a new genus in the character, also of the psychology with the faces of their problems.

What is interesting about this new adaptation is the way in which diving into the thoughts of today’s society, very far away from the people that were in vogue in the years 90. Racism, sexuality or the way of communication of people with new technologies, are some of the issues that arise in this new adaptation. A shame that does not deepen enough in the first two and pass on tiptoe by the plot, except for brief comments by some of the characters and little more. Without a doubt one of the major faults of the series.

Despite this, the technological change is felt in the way in which Rob makes use of the mobile as a means of escape and self-torture. The “paranoia” of the networks and the 2.0 society are reflected in perpetuity from the hand of the protagonist and his way masochistic of stalkear profiles on Instagram of their ex-partners. What in the 95 was to listen to the messages of the lost love in the answering machine now translate the odious seen of WhatsApp.

Breaking the fourth wall

Kravitz is magnetic. Catch the attention, the camera loves her and enjoys her as she follows it through the streets of New York seeing her cursing facing to the front with a cigarette hanging from the lips. You connect with his character from the first moment and not let it make until the end. The great success of the new bet Hulu is the daughter of Lisa Bonet, who interestingly participated in the film Fearsand Lenny Kravitz.

Rob questions the meaning of his life, his inability to keep people at his side, the love, the relationships, and, especially, what it hurts to be abandoned. A hit playlist of Spotify, it’s going to grow throughout the chapters to put it in check your priorities and close cycles.

A second season confirmed

High fidelity (High Fidelity) it is brilliant, its plot is not boring and you live a natural course in the evolution of their characters. The only fault is in the chapter 8 titled Ballad of the Lonesome Loser, focusing on the character of Simon, the friend and coworker of Rob. Leaves of the main axis of the series and makes the viewer’s attention to wane. In spite of that, the feeling at the end of the ten chapters is that of wanting to know more about the history of Rob and all those that accompany it.

The second season is in the phase of creation and there’s still no release date. We’ll have to wait for power to return to reflect with Rob about life while drinking a neat whiskey and listening to a vinyl of blues.

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