Hijack Season 2: Odds Discussed by Co-Author: “Never Say Never”

Hijack co-creator Jim Field Smith is optimistic about the possibility of a second season, praising Idris Elba’s convincing performance and showing interest in seeing his character in different situations. A second season of Hijack may allow further exploration of the main character and the addition of a new supporting cast. Apple TV+ has a history of refreshing series that generate interest, and while there’s no ratings data yet, Hijack seems to be getting positive attention, even getting a nod from Stephen King.

Co-creator Hijack is optimistic about the possibility of the series returning to Apple TV+. After seven very tense episodes in which Idris Elba’s character Sam Nelson finds himself aboard a plane that takes passengers hostage, the action-thriller has concluded its main open storylines. But even before Hijack ended, there were questions about how the story could have continued in a different format.

In an interview with TV Insider, co-creator and executive producer Jim Field Smith spoke about the possibility of a second season of Hijack and expressed interest in the idea. Smith, who co-created the thriller with George Kay, stressed that he “never says anything ever.” He also praised Elba’s performance, calling Sam Nelson convincing and saying that he would like to see Sam in different situations. Here is his quote:

“Oh, never say anything never. I think Sam is a really engaging character, I think the way Idris plays him is really fun and it would always be interesting to see how he would obviously react in other situations. We’re just waiting to see how people react to this season. It was amazing to hear the reaction to the show and we spent the best part of two years making it and we just finished it. In fact, it happened shortly before its release. So right now, we’re just enjoying the reaction of the world.”

Could Hijack return for a second season?

The finale of the first season of The Hijacking, outside of the many hanging plots, leaves only the question of whether Sam will get back together with his ex-wife. Elba himself spoke about this. The veteran actor, also known for his roles in The Wire and Luther, said it’s hard to believe that Sam, just a negotiator, is in yet another vital crisis.

The solution may be for Sam to take on the role of negotiator or crisis resolver. Over the course of seven episodes, little is known about the character and what drives him. A potential second chapter of Hijack could delve deeper into this aspect by taking a closer look at its protagonist. There’s also the intrigue to welcome a new supporting cast.

Apple TV+ is usually willing to relaunch its original series that are of public interest. At the same time, he also recently canceled several dramas and comedies that didn’t catch on. Luckily, even with no ratings data, Elba’s latest starring role appears to fall into the latter category. Hijack has even received a nod from legendary writer Stephen King.

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