Hilary Duff admits it was sad and hard to be a mom at the age of 24


If something we love about Hilary Duff is her brutal honesty to talk about his life, especially motherhood. This time, the actress left her fans with the heart a little bit squashed to admit that for her it was very sad to be a mom when I was only 24 years of age.

In an interview for The Motherly Podcast, the star of 31 years, spoke of how he lived the birth of her son Luca Comrie, the fruit of his first marriage with Mike Comrie.

The first thing that shook the world of Hilary was feeling “old” to be a mommy:

“I guess I thought that you are a true adult once you have a baby. But, that looked very different from how I saw myself. As when I think of my parents when I was about ten years old, I feel that they looked very old despite the fact that they were not,” said the actress Younger.

Duff said that she saw her parents as people who had it all figured out and knew everything. “I think very quickly, when I got pregnant, it changed to ‘this is me, but I’m going to have to be that person for someone else’,” added the star.

Hilary revealed that after giving birth to Luca in march of 2012, he felt “a bit isolated in the beginning because I had no friends that had babies yet.”

“I had been working on for so long that it felt like a natural step for me, I always knew that I wanted to be a mom and that that was going to be my number one priority in life. Then, I felt a list on some fronts and a little scared at others, but in reality I only freaked out once she was pregnant,” continued the former actress of Disney.

Despite the fact that “you lost a large part of (its) identity during roughly the first year and a half” of paternity, the actress does not see this as something negative. “Sometimes, I was sad by that, but you know that you are full […] It was shocking and it was also the experience more happy and beautiful, so that those two opposite things are quite a strange mix at times,” said Duff.

With the time, Hilary is not only embraced her new role of mom, is also reunited with itself.

“Yes, you’re back to yourself, you’re the greatest thing under your belt and nobody can remove it, you are just as powerful and secure. Then, I saw it as something positive,” said the celeb. “Perhaps I was a little sad by that and I felt that I had no one with whom to share the experience, but then I came out the other side. I am like, I am a super woman and I can do any thing and I have confidence for days, you know. There are many good things that come with that.”

Like many moms famous, Hilary also had to deal with comments about your body postpartum.

“I remember the owner. It was like ‘Hilary Duff debuts her body post-baby’… it was Not a debut. It was like: ‘I’m so happy to see other humans in this time and just get out of the house for a moment’. So that was complicated and I just wanted to hide behind my bag. I had just finished having a baby as twelve days before… I don’t know how it will be any other experience. I just know how it was mine. I think that in that moment I felt ashamed and now I only enfurezco with those people and say, ‘How can you dare? What are you thinking about trying a new mommy?’”.

The protagonist of Lizzie McGuire she also confessed that having a baby not only brings happiness, too much stress, and some loss of identity:

“It is scary and strange and then, once you have the baby, that is the happiest moment of your life, you look down and say: ‘Oh, no. I now have the pressure to work on this.’ It is really hard and it looks like the loss of identity in the beginning, where you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, all I do is think what a boob I gave him the last time, how many wet diapers has been’, and I’m taking notes all day. This is crazy. Then, there is nothing in your clothes or some pregnant women spit out that baby and as if nothing, and I’m using straps, and I have love handles”.

In the end, the most important lesson that you learned Hilary Duff on being a mom is that “everything takes time”.

“I try to remind myself that everything is a stage. I think Banks (their daughter of 8 months). She had colic, those three months went by. It was hard as hell. It was the most difficult thing I have taken, but was passenger and it is already exceeded. Finally my clothes are starting to stick and I’m fine with that. It only takes a moment. We have to stop looking at other people and look at ourselves, for being amazing instead of compare, compare, compare”, said the actress.

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So now you know, if you’re a young mom like Hilary Duff, it is normal to have mixed feelings about it.

Is more, you can be sure that, no matter what age you decide to have children, you’re going to have the same mix of emotions, because to bring another being into the world inevitably involves relinquishing a good part of the person you are now and the life you have.

Just remember always the words of Hilary (and the millions of moms): “Everything is a stage”.

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