Hilary Duff defends itself from those who called pedófila | THE IMPARTIAL


UNITED STATES.- The morning of this Saturday, Hilary Duff is positioned within the top of trend because of that he was accused of pedófila and trafficker of children, specifically his own son.

It all started after a user shares a video, that Hilary had climbed to their stories of Instagram for some time back to accuse her of any of the foregoing because in the clip you could see a picture of your child naked.

In the video sees the singer recording a series of collage of your child at different stages of his life, and even if the picture is innocent and only appears for a second, was enough for the critique.

‘The whole world is boring at this moment, I know… but this is really disgusting… anyone who has dreamed of this and throw this trash in the universe should take a break from your damn phone. Perhaps you have a hobby,’ wrote the famous to learn the comments malicious.

It should be noted that the fans and followers of the actress also came to his defense and noted that all had some photo as well small, in addition to that there was no malice in it.

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