Hilary Duff does not want that you cut the fringe in quarantine and gives this idea:


Do you feel that the confinement of quarantine you are doing want a change of look? Hilary Duff passes him the same thing, but not opted for cutting the fringe best painted hair and you have to see the result.

The confinement need not be synonymous with make or do something on the hair, but if your wanting to touch up the color can’t wait to be your living room favorite re-open then… you can join the club of these celebrities who change their hair while they distance themselves socially in the house, including Hilary Duff.

On 12 April, the actress made her debut with blue hair shining in Instagram. Do you really dyed it herself? What is a wig? TBA, because Hilary has not addressed its dramatic new hair color in the photo caption. Instead, simply wrote “yes” with the emoji shrugged shoulders.

Real or wig, the hair is bright blue looks amazing on the actress and her fans agree. The followers of Hilary Duff flooded its publication with comments such as: “If that is a wig, I will be really mad because that color is beautiful for you” and “SO BEAUTIFUL”.

And you, do you animarías to opt for this idea to leave your new look in any color of the rainbow?

Original note: Instyle.com