Hilary Duff, Elle Fanning and more celebs who changed their look this quarantine


Well, they say that leisure is dangerous, and this quarantine has been put to many celebrities, in the form of stylist. Several have already cut the hair and many others were experimental with the color. Czech who changed their look and get inspired.

1. Elle Fanning

The actress of ‘Maleficent’ turned to look, a hair color that it looked beautiful in 2018: ¡pink peach! The sister of Dakota Fanning bragged about his new mane still wet in Instagram Stories.

2. Miley Cyrus

The star of 27 years took the scissors and made a cut that is not favored or part way.

3. Cody Simpson

There is No doubt that the love makes you lose your head. Despite the results that had Miley with her own mane, her boyfriend Cody Simpon let the artist cut off the hair to virtually rape.

The truth, of all the physique of Cody Simpson, his hair is the least of it…

4. Rosalia

The Spanish interpreted ‘Height’ premiered fringe, made by herself, and he had nothing wrong!

5. Hilary Duff

Since that was cancelled the return of Lizzie McGuire, the actress of 32 years changed its iconic mane blonde by a hair in shades of turquoise.

6. Kaia Gerber

The model of 18 years could not be expected to see your hair stylist, so I took a paint box and painted the hair blonde on her own.

7. Ricky Martin

At the end of march, the idol, the puerto rican yielded to the request of his children, and she painted her hair purple (though it looks more like pink).

With the passing days the color faded and Ricky cut off your hair up to be like this…

8. Dua Lipa

The singer of 24 years took a tube of rose tint and was applied on the strands blond of her mane.

9. Ariana Grande

Instead of doing something crazy, the interpreter of ‘7 Rings’ did something quite sensible. After years of wearing the iconic pigtail, long and super polished, these weeks Ari decided to leave rest of your hair and bring it to the natural: una melena midi with beautiful curls.

10 Jennifer Love-Hewitt

At the age of 41, the actress in series such as ‘9-1-1’, ‘Crimoinal Minds’ and ‘Ghost Whisperer’ dared to try the pink hair, and I feel great!

11. P!nk

The singer does not have anger with change of look and always test new styles. This time he recognized that he had a huge ‘fail’ when trying to cut herself over his now short hair.

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What you taste like to encourage you to try it? Total, the hair grows.