Hilary Duff is accused of sex trafficking of minors by a photo I SCANDAL!


Hilary Duff turned trend Twitter this early Saturday morning with a series of accusations suspect focused in a video posted on Instagram that showed her son naked and “white marks all over the body”: the actress of “Younger” is now taking # 3 on Twitter, with the platform with thousands of results for “trafficker child sex”.

Hilary, 32 years of age, took Instagram the past month with a photo your child Luca Cruz Comrie. It is said that the photo looks the child of the former star of Disney’s lying in a bed in the middle of photos the size of a postcard.

Hilary Duff is in the center of a new internet conspiracy. A thread of Twitter now removed claims to “expose” the alleged role of the star in the trafficking of children. The successful star of ‘Lizzie McGuire’ and ‘A Cinderella Story’ is the mother of his son, Luca Cruz Comrie, 8 years old, and his daughter, Banks Violet Bair.

The thread is now deleted, supposedly said: “Hilary Duff accused of trafficking in children, with his own son, a thread …” and then, when it is displayed, the alleged screenshots of your history of Instagram where it was said that her son was “completely naked”. with “white marks all over the body”.

This photo allegedly was lying on a bed along with other snapshots of the size of a postcard of his childhood. As soon as it is published, the trolls rushed with statements totally sick of that she was trying to “sell” to your child.

“It was clearly a message for the demons of the elites that their child is on sale. There is No other explanation,” wrote an individual disturbed.

In another screenshot in which you could see your son, a fan wrote: “Liz published a story of Instagram is very disturbing the last month. Revealed his son completely naked and stuck to a bed. It was deleted quickly, but Reddit saved the video and reported it. Her ex-husband has been trying to get custody of your son over the years.”

The fans are defending Hilary Duff

Duff was married with the player of the NHL canadian Mike Comrie in 2010 and he is the father of the child. In 2014, Duff and Comrie announced their separation and said that co-will bring up your child, but in 2015, the actress requested primary custody legal and physical of your child before you finalize your divorce in 2016.

A fan pointed out one of your old legends of Instagram, where he had written: “Oh, the skin, the blue eyes, the placement of freckles, the best thing of all is the location of your heart. My sweet and sweet Luca. I love you all the way “. Referring to this, the fan wrote: “The way in which Hilary Duff talks about her son in this photo is V disturbing Idk if the rumors are true, but this descriptive language can go … #HilaryDuff”.

Some stood in their support and criticized the fans who believed in those rumors. “Twitter really is known for creating stories even more ridiculous on real people… do you now Hilary Duff is a” trafficker of children”? How is having fun ruining lives and reputations? fun #hilaryduff “, said a fan.

Up to the time Hilary Duff has not made statements on this topic/Picture: Women Today

Up to the time Hilary Duff has not made statements on this topic/Picture: Women Today

Another internet user wrote: ‘Damn, first Lana del Rey, then Doja Cat, now Hilary Duff, everyone needs to shut up and the rest of the 2020 pacific #HilaryDuff “.

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While it is very unlikely that the rumors have some truth to it, what we do know with certainty is that the Internet is a scary place full of strange people.


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