Hilary Duff lightens if Lizzie McGuire ended or not going out with Fat | Cinema and Television


When it was learned that Lizzie McGuire I was going to continue his adventures with a new season on Disney +, the fans could not be more thrilled with the news. Hilary Duff would to interpret to the girl who boosted his career -along with his small and lively alter-ego, but something changed.

Because the Lizzie that we see in the new series will have 30 years and live in New York, with a perfect life and promised to a man. When I read that data, many thought quickly in Gordo (Adam Lamberg), the best friend of the teenage girl who was deeply in love with her.

Now, an interview with Hilary in the portal Vulture has been clarified by the end the fate of both characters. Not only are they not promised, but the actress also doesn’t seem as far-fetched as.

“I think that not being together is what hacíua so good… it Was that person that you ask “what Is right? What will ever be?” You’re always wondering. I wanted him to doliese a little people, and will continue to hurt” stated Duff, who quickly adds, “I truly hope that is in season. We’ve been planning the season and how it will be everything, and it is very important for him to be part of this.”

Remember that Gordo and Lizzie yes just together in Lizzie Superstar -who, until now, functioned as the definitive end of the series-, or at least so it seemed after the kiss that star in the last few minutes of the film.

Now you already know that Fat will not be the partner of Lizzie at this stage of your life, although yes he could have a place in the series. In fact, one of the frames that raises the story is the journey of Lizzie from New York to Los Angeles because, according to the Duff in the same interview, he wakes up on his 30th birthday with a question in mind: “this is not how I planned to see me, what can I do now?”.

By 2020, this will solve all of these unknowns together at the premiere of the new season of the series. The lucky ones have Disney + will be able to enjoy the 65 previous chapters, that will come as one of the options that the platform offers since its inception.