Hilary Duff talks about the return of ‘Paolo’ Lizzie McGuire


All are very excited for the return of ‘Lizzie McGuire’.

Hilary Duff it has been the last few months talking a little bit of what will be the series of Lizzie McGuire in Disney + and the fans are more excited by each one of the details the protagonist has revealed.

Although there have been some creative differences as the singer wants it to be a more real, close to life and to problems by passing a young adultthe writers and producers are trying to be a series more careful.

Hilary Duff stated to Cosmopolitan that special characters could be including in the project: ‘we’re finding out a little bit if we can make this happen. But I don’t know about PaoloI think that would probably be very angry to see him’.

The singer said that the preparations for the series had stopped a little due to the current situation of confinementbut that is sure that many guests are referred to to appear in the program.

Paolo is an Italian singer who has become one of the most beloved characters of the film ‘Lizzie McGuire: Estrella Pop’, leaving in the minds of thousands a great duet with the song ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’.

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