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Lizzie McGuire, star of the series of the same name Disney Channel, ended the institute in 2004 and actress Hilary Duff, 32 years, was dismissed at that time, the role that catapulted him to fame. The young performer, that then was not the age of majority, he left the factory Disney to give way to an artistic career that failed to impress as much as in previous years. However, she has recently announced in their social networks, and in the convention D23 —where the film company exhibits its future productions— will participate in a sequel of the series Lizzie McGuire. “I’ve tried to contain this excitement for a long time. I’m really excited to get back home again. Back with my girl, and their 30!”, published Duff, in his account of Instagram.

The only thing that is known of the series so far is that it will show the life of the protagonist, as an adult woman, who works in New York. The creator of the series, Terri Minsky, will again be in charge of giving direction to the life of that teen typical american, worried about classes, guys and proms. But it is unknown if they will appear other characters as her friends Gordo and Miranda or his brother Matt. Neither has confirmed the participation of his sister in real life, Haylie, who appeared in some episodes of the series, due to sharing the same passion for music and performance. Also appeared in it the singer Aaron Carter, with whom he lived a love of star teens, when both had only 13 years.

This new project is reaching out to the actress in full maternity. Duff gave birth in 2012 to Luca, the fruit of marriage with Mike Comrie, a canadian player of hockey, whom he married in 2010. However, they divorced four years later; a separation that cost the artist $ 2.4 million (2.1 million euros). This stage coincided with a period of labor shortage, which made him feel stressed about his new situation of a single mother with a divorce in tow and, in addition, without work. However, the actress knew how to draw strength from what most wanted at that moment, his son. “It is ridiculous. I have a son, so it is ok to not be so busy all the time,” he confessed then to the magazine Redbook. In that same interview, he said the social pressure that I suffered for not having another child: “Because I overcame the fact that I will not have another baby who has an age near to Luca”.

Duff turned to be a mother in 2018. Her fiancé, Matthew Koma, a singer-songwriter and american DJ, and she received almost a year ago to their daughter Banks Violet. Although the relationship with your current partner, it has not been easy —their courtship has been marked by constant breakups and reconciliations, the artist remains focused on his family and boasting of it on social networks.

During these 15 years, Duff has been involved interpreting secondary roles in several series such as Gossip Girl, Law and order: victims Unit special or Two and a half men. From 2015 starring alongside Sutton Foster in the romantic comedy Younger, a series about the personal and professional lives of women in New York. He has also published several albums, even before the end of Lizzie McGuire. With his first album, Metamorphosisgot the triple disk of platinum. A success that is not returned to repeat it with his next work, mainly due to the bad relationship with their record company. The reduction of the advertising budget and the reviews published by his sister on social networks against the company forced the singer to break the contract with your representative.

The years following the success of Lizzie McGuire were a debacle for the health of the artist. Duff fell into a depression: “I Felt that I was dying, I started to eat a little more and soon, I saw myself with a few pounds extra. I was obsessed with my weight”. This concern resulted in an anorexia, the sick constantly. After several setbacks, he managed to lift his head when he met in 2007 to her first husband. Now the relationship with your body is totally different. In 2017, released a picture of herself in a swimsuit with the message “Besadme the ass”, dedicated to the media gossips who criticized their appearance. “My body has given me the best gift of my life: Luca (…) my body is healthy and leads me to where I need to go”, zanjaba the artist demonstrating a maturity greater than years ago. Lizzie McGuire has grown up.