Hilary Duff touches to their fans by letting your child maquille


The american actress Hilary Duff relented to his millions of followers after leaving his son Luca, 8 years, me putting makeup on him and not let her see the result until the end, which was something very unexpected.

Duff remained for a time at all in the intrigue, because the child did not let her mother see that made of him in the face and it was not until the end when he was able to see all the finished look.

After several minutes of strenuous effort by Luca allowed Hilary to see the final work, in which he included different colors of shadow to each eyelid, and lips in cooor intense red.

Despite the simplicity and the attempt to Luca for letting dazzling to his mother, the actress mentioned that the result was subtle yet unique, something that we had never tried the makeup, highlighting that the top left was his favorite.

These memorable moments were documented in detail by Duff through their stories, in their official account of Instagram, and followed by every one of his followers, who expressed the tenderness that caused them to see the action of both.

Currently the singer is spending the best quality time alongside their children Luca and Violet and her husband Matthew Koma in-house by the quarantine due to the pandemic of coronavirus.