Hilda Lizarazu presented a preview single of Antigua, her next album

Hilda Lizarazu has just released an advance single of what will be her next album, Antigua, which will be released on March 8, coinciding with International Women’s Day. The name of the song You laugh and he has a very good video clip shot in the Central Market.

Hilda is performing very often live: small-scale concerts that she has been offering in Capital, Greater Buenos Aires and the interior of the country with Federico Melioli as a musical partner.. He has also created his own record label, Díscola Discos, something that allows him to make decisions without the need to consult with the heads of a record company and move with greater ease.

Important protagonist a few days ago of the great tribute to Charly García carried out at the CCK to celebrate the 70th birthday of the popular musician, Hilda spoke in 3D, the program that Alejandro Lingenti and Moira Memma host in The Uncover Radio, of his relationship with Charly, of his past with Man Ray, of the explosive 80s in Argentina – the time when she appeared on the scene after living for a while in New York -, of feminism and new Argentine music, with praise for Catriel included.

The complete interview in 3D (El Uncover Radio)

Charly’s emotional celebration of the 70s at the CCK

The third block of the special organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation began with the stands of the micro stadium of CCK crowded with people who performed in an effusive chorus songs like Scratch the stones, with an insurmountable level of expectations to find out who was behind the curtain.

The chords of Close to the revolution They began to sound, the curtain was drawn and the audience jumped ecstatically from their seats when they noticed the presence of Charly García on stage, behind a double keyboard and a piano. Hilda Lizarazu, Rosario Ortega, Fito Páez and Zorrito Von Quintero They accompanied the honoree in the interpretation of songs that filled those present with emotion physically and virtually.

In an imposing mix, Lizarazu and Ortega walked the stage with overwhelming energy while Charly, Fito and Zorrito broke the keys of their instruments to mark the chords of Promises on the bidet, Rare new hairstyles and Demolishing hotels, in versions that made viewers jump in an uncontrolled way, alluding to the suffocating need for pogo, made impossible by the seats and the pandemic protocols. In the middle of all that mess There was no shortage of happy birthday sung by all those present to García.

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