‘His case is very delicate’

Actress Suzanne Alexander has revealed why the actor was admitted to a Mexico City hospital.

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Roberto Damicoremembered for his involvement in soap operas such as fire burns in blood my way is to love you Is hospitalised.

this actress susan alexanderHe, who maintains a friendship with the actor, revealed the difficult situation he is currently going through.

“Good afternoon. I dare to ask you to support my friend Mr. Roberto D’Amico, who facing a serious health crisis,” he tweeted on Aug. 1.

“If you can help us in any way you can, I will be forever grateful,” he added in this regard.

Susana Alexander is pronounced by Roberto D'Amico. | Home | Stars
Susan Alexander/Twitter

Susana Alexander is pronounced by Roberto D’Amico.

What disease does Roberto D’Amico suffer from?

Suzanne Alexander also posted an image on her Twitter account detailing the Illness faced by Roberto D’Amico.

“He was at Obregón Hospital (Mexico City) covid-19, pneumonia and strong urinary tract infection“,express.

Your situation is very delicate.so the hospital bills went up and he had no insurance and no help from the ANDA (National Actors Association),” he explained.

Any contribution is welcome, whether anonymous or not. Thank you so much Suzanne,” the text read, which also included details of a bank account where deposits could be made.

Roberto D'Amico is in poor health. | Home | Stars
Susan Alexander/Twitter

Roberto D’Amico is in poor health.

On May 11th, Jorge Zamitiz and Rosita Pelayo posted a video of their interview with D’Amico on their YouTube channel.

In it, the actor pledged: “(I feel) whole and many itemsalways full of function and commitment”.

“(Sometimes) I say: ‘God, how long do I have the strength to finish all the projects?'” he added, without mentioning his physical condition.

Who is Roberto D’Amico?

Roberto Damico Born May 1, 1946 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He settled permanently in Mexico from 1977 to 1980, according to his official website.

He considers his Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Theater Studies in the UK the turning point of his artistic training.

Already in the land of the Aztecs, Participation in films, plays and melodramasincluding: “Paths of Glory”, “The Eagle Flies”, “The Drop of Love”, “Rayito de luz” and I Love Juan Quillendon.

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