His father beat his mother and he, to defend her, stabbed him

01/09/2022 – 00:23 Police

A bloody incident occurred yesterday afternoon, in the Santa Rosa de Lima district, when a drunken individual was stabbed by his adolescent son, who came to the defense of his mother who was being a victim of gender violence.

The police who worked in the place reported that the serious event was made known around 5:00 p.m. yesterday, when personnel from the Tenth Police Station were alerted that in a house on José de Santillán and Primer Pasaje streets, there was a person injured with White weapon.

The uniformed men arrived at the house immediately and there they interviewed an adolescent (18), who said that her father, whose last name was González, 46, was consuming alcoholic beverages and at a certain point began to insult her mother ( 42).

González’s verbal attacks (according to the minor’s account did not stop) and everything became more violent when he approached the victim and began to punch him in different parts of the body.

The victim began to scream and her request for help was heard by her son – a 15-year-old teenager – who quickly went to where his mother was. There she tried to intervene so that her father would stop assaulting her, but he was also injured.

It would have been at that moment that the minor took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed his father three times, causing injuries to his chest, left arm and head. Immediately the wounded man was transferred to the Regional Hospital, where he received medical assistance.

The wounded man was accompanied by his partner, who at the end of this edition had not made a complaint of gender violence. Dr. Celia Mussi, the prosecutor on duty, ordered the health doctor to examine the wounded man, who apparently had no serious injuries.

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