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After long and polite insistence from his fans, Travis Scott publishes most of the Circus Maximus snippets on You Tube.

Such success cannot go unnoticed, especially for those who are the protagonist and creator. AND Travis Scott set out to make it an absolute hit. with a gesture of generosity that immediately returned in terms of streaming and subscribers.

We go in order … Before the concert Italian forumhuge crowd of over 60,000 people, Scott distributed his film Circus Maximusdirectly related to his new album Utopiaexclusively in cinemas. But plans quickly changed.

Travis Scott More Exclusive Videos

Strategy Travis Scott in this respect it is completely new in terms of marketing. It has never been seen that an artist simultaneously released not only an album, but all the songs that were included in it, as singles. And we saw how the result materialized very clearly in our country, where a week after publication Utopia the album not only reached number one on the Italian chart, but all the most important singles made it there. A true absolute monopoly. Which is clearly not enough for Travis Scott.

Circus Maximusnow distributed for free on YouTube

In just a few days, the rapper launched the beauty in four new videos on YouTube: and therefore Hyena, Sirens, Modern Jam AND Delrest (Echo) in a special edition that also includes a collaboration with Beyoncé. All four clips are the result of a much larger project. This is obviously a 75 foot feature film. Circus Maximus which is now fully available on YouTube after its theatrical release and exclusively on Apple Music.

Feature film

The film is an elaborate concept filmed by Scott himself and created in collaboration with renowned directors such as Gaspar Noe, Nicolas Winding Refn, Harmony Korine, Khalil Joseph and Valdimar Johansson. Lots of different points of view to create a series of really unusual narrative paths. It is difficult to even simply describe or imagine such a complex and articulated project.

Delresto video featuring Beyoncé

Movie Circus Maximus sees Travis Scott narrate his personal and artistic reality with some extravagant, almost ghostly and psychedelic narrative moments. Each of the 19 songs Utopia it becomes a kind of framework that helps provide a new narrative element to the film. It must be admitted that nothing like this has ever happened before and that the whole project is exceptionally creative. However, once again, Travis Scott completely turned the tables and surprised the rules of the game.

In fact, shortly before the presentation of such a representative album, no one expected the release of so much video material that immediately propelled it to the top of the weekly charts in terms of streaming shared between audio and video digital platforms. .

It’s a bit like a rapper trying to present his work in a dual dimension independent of each other. But, in a way, maintaining a very strong level of connection.

“Everyone creates his own utopia”

Not only that, Scott is well aware of his power in terms of storytelling. To the point of creating completely different settings and narrative paths depending on how you approach the film or recording.

Travis Scott during one of his shows at Astroworld – Credits ANSA (VelvetMusic.it)

Six different covers, some of which are, quite frankly, very unsettling: “This record doesn’t have a single experience, just like this movie doesn’t have a single perception. he said Travis Scott presenting his gigantic project, in the implementation of which he invested a lot of money – I have limited myself to creating a kind of tour in which each viewer can have their own experience and draw their own conclusions. Everyone has their own Utopia, everyone has their own Circus Maximus. I have limited myself to presenting some points of view, partly my dreams, partly my nightmares. Everyone can choose their own or, if they really want to, draw. This is the most unusual aspect of my work. I love that people go into Utopia and can come up with their own, no matter how exciting or unsettling…”

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