His mother was born in Hawaii: Dwayne Johnson: “Devastated by deadly fires in Maui.”

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

The fire raging on the Hawaiian island killed 93 people.

Dwayne Johnson is desperate because of the terrible fires that have claimed the lives of more than 90 people on the island of Maui.

The Black Adam star posted a video on Instagram on Sunday in which she shared her sentiments over the tragedy. “I know that by now all of you around the world have seen the total destruction and devastation that has befallen our islands of Hawaii – our island of Maui – and I am completely heartbroken over this, and I know you are too.” he said. 51 year old actor. “Everything I’ve seen in the last two days, everything that keeps happening hour after hour, minute after minute, is heartbreaking.”

The Fast X actor also expressed his gratitude to those who provide resources to fight the wildfires in Hawaii: “Thank you guys from all over the world for all your love and support, your light, your prayers. Thank you for sending them to the Hawaiian Islands, to the people of Hawaii.”

The star said she has spoken to organizations working on the ground about opportunities to donate and help during this difficult time.

Dwayne is of Samoan descent, but his mother was born in Hawaii where he spent time.

Actor Jason Momoa, a native of Hawaii, also warned tourists against traveling to the island on Friday, writing on Instagram: “Maui is not a holiday destination right now. Do not convince yourself that your presence is necessary on an island that is suffering deeply.


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