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Sabrina Ferilli

Sabrina Ferilli – Official Instagram Profile

The controversy lands on Sabrina Ferilli and some small hints. Anxiety throughout the social community. He fears for his health.

Sabrina Nazionale, a bit like a famous kitchen brand, this is the favorite of the italians. Born in 1964, she is a very successful Italian actress, host and voice actress. A long career that started when she was still a girl and which has led her to several awards such as Nastro d’Argento, Ciak d’Oro, David Speciale and Golden Globe.

A Roman DOK who never denied his origin and always made him a real pride. Raised in Fiano Romano, the daughter of a housewife and party leader, after graduating from a classical high school, she tried to enter the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome, but failed.

He then started his career with several supporting roles. It was 1989 when she voiced Francesca Dellera in the TYV miniseries Liar before doors opened for bigger roles.

In addition to the many personalities interpreted in both TV series and movies, Sabrina also has some experience as a presenter. However, since 2013, her great friend Maria DeFilippiwants her to be a permanent judge on his talent show. The relationship is like between two sisters between Sabrina and Maria, who really enjoy the studio.

Sabrina on vacation

After a year of work, dear Sabrina is enjoying her well-deserved beach vacation and, despite being almost 60 years old, demonstrates a truly amazing physique that even twenty-year-olds can envy. Post a few twisty snaps and it will immediately set off a real explosion of likes.

But it couldn’t be otherwise. Sabrina has always been considered a real sex symbol of the Italian show. loved by menhe also has a sexy calendar on his account), but are also highly regarded by women who would like to look like them.


Over the years, some gossip has hinted that it resembles a scalpel. Above all, her cheekbones, the very ones that made her famous, are under the charge. She has never confirmed that she went to a plastic surgeon, but the rumors keep going wild.

He received a lot of comments on the photo he posted while on vacation.”All swollen, what a disappointment” and then “But what a disappointment for these famous “beauties” without makeup” ending in “I will look ugly“. When you’re part of the entertainment world, you’re bound to always look your best, but Sabrina doesn’t worry about that and keeps looking ahead.

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