Historic qualification for the African Cup of Nations, farewell as heroes and an unusual arrival by boat: the history of Sierra Leone

The team that drew 0-0 against the reigning champion Algeria overcame multiple obstacles to achieve a historic feat in Cameroon.

Sierra Leone

The African Cup of Nations It started on January 9, but one of the highlights of the day happened this Tuesday for the first match of group E that ended without goals between the current champions, Algeria, Y Sierra Leone, a selection that He had to pass multiple obstacles to achieve the end of a historic feat.

The Republic of Sierra Leone has more than 60% of its population (made up of almost eight million people) below the poverty line in the country located in West Africa. Under these conditions, football acts as a joys catalyst for a community very affected by the context and the national team of that country It achieved a historic milestone because it qualified after 26 years to the event that brings together the best countries on the football continent.

What a coincidence, Algeria they joined their group in 1996, where they qualified for the quarterfinals with Zambia, while Burkina Faso came last. Back to the present, this historical milestone left in time the early elimination of the Qualifiers towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup after falling 1-3 against Liberia on September 4, 2019.

In a definition for heart attack, the Star Lions closed group L as seconds with 7 points, far from the leader Nigeria (14) and equaled on points with Benin. To add spice to that definition, Sierra Leone was running behind, but their 1-0 victory against Benin on the last date matched them in units and the goal difference tied the issue by just one goal (0-1).

How Sierra Leone got to the African Cup of Nations

With the classification of Sierra Leone to African Cup of Nations, it was time to move to Cameroon, a very particular headquarters since it has only 10% of its population vaccinated against Covid-19, but an unusual reason made it impossible to transfer by boat, while hundreds of people said goodbye in a particular way.

Those led by John Keister approached the port from where they had to set sail with multiple displays of affection from the fans, who even They have kissed their feet as a sign of a religious cult rather than a football fan and they have cried with them hours after they play a hinge game in their career.

Sierra Leone

In this way, Sierra Leone arrived in a boat to the headquarters of the African Cup because the Sierra Leone Football Federation was unable to pay for the transfer of its delegation on a plane trip of more than two thousand kilometers. The two countries are 2,659 kilometers apart.

All these sacrifices were observed on the faces of the players themselves who, when listening to the national anthem at the Japoma Stadium, they started crying within minutes of making history in a meeting that was closely followed by all the inhabitants of the country, especially in the capital Freetown in the debut of an area that they also share with Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast.

How Sierra Leone experienced its African Cup of Nations debut


How Sierra Leone experienced its African Cup of Nations debut

He broke it with Sierra Leone at the African Cup of Nations and was thrilled to receive the MVP

The African Cup of Nations had an outstanding day this Tuesday for the crossing between Algeria, last champion, and Sierra Leone, since after the end of the match an emotional event was experienced at the award ceremony for the player of the match.

The protagonist is the goalkeeper of the Sierra Leone national team, Mohamed Kamara. The goalkeeper, just 22 years old, was the exclusive figure of the match, with eight saves so that his team did not fall to the selected defending champion.

Mohamed kamara


Mohamed kamara

When the match ended, the competition chose Kamara as the man of the match, and The goalkeeper’s reaction aroused the public’s attention: he couldn’t hold back his tears and broke down when he received the award. It is the first time in the history of the African Cup of Nations that a Sierra Leonean player has won this award.

Photos: @DangeloFut and @reformacancha.

Video: @nahuelzn.

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