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Paul Surugiu, alias Fuego, has been the honorary director of weekly magazine chats, in which he publishes, every Thursday, an exciting editorial on page 2.

The beloved Fuego needs no introduction! Paul Surugiu is a complex artist, even “multilaterally developed”, who sings, composes songs, writes lyrics, paints.

And, last but not least, but on the contrary, every Sunday Fuego realizes and moderates the appreciated show “Drag de România mea” on TVR 2, with guests of brand and true Romanian music.

The magazine appeared TAIFASURI 859! Editorial Fuego, interview in 3 with the father Cătălin Crișan plus children Daria and Raris! Supplement: “Gastronomic dictatorship”, historical cookbook! Mega-contest with car prizes! Only with the magazine TAIFASURI 859!

Fanatik gives you a few lines from Fuego’s editorial below magazine TAIFASURI 859 about the “nightingale of Argeș”, Elisabeta Turcu Juverdeanu.

  • “Our country has symbols that continue to carry on, for a lifetime, popular wealth, traditions, singing and authentic dress. Among them is the wonderful Elisabeta Turcu Juverdeanu, an important representative of the ancient Muscel area, of the whole Argeș, a real mountain ”
  • “Bety, as I call her, is an artist with a golden soul, with an outstanding repertoire and with many human qualities, beyond the golden career that illuminates her life. We have a lot of unforgettable memories together, which I hold dear ”
  • “I’ve shared the stage countless times, since my debut, about 30 years ago, when I was just a kid in college and going to shows, where he encouraged me and gave me advice.”
  • “Then I went on tours over the years, in which I discovered a sensitive and modest man, without vanities, without the desire to stand out with something in the spotlight and with an unspeakable love for folk music and for the authentic costume. In fact, this is her life! ”

How Fuego sees his good friend Bety – Elisabeta Turcu Juverdeanu in the “panoply” of great performers of authentic folklore, find out by reading his entire editorial in the issue 859 of weekly magazine chats, which appeared on Thursday, November 25, at all media outlets in Romania.

CAREFUL! Magazine chats gives you multiple chances to win! Find out how you can participate in a mega-contest with “car” prizes and lots and lots of money! Only if you participate do you have a chance to win! Details, only in the magazine chats!

What topics can you read in the magazine TAIFASURI 859

  • Mega-interview in 3 with a proud father of his children, Cătălin Crișan and the “reasons” for his pride, Daria and Raris, which follows in his footsteps in his musical career. Beautiful and ambitious, a talented sister and brother prepare for fulminating careers and announce great artistic destinies. Discover them in magazine TAIFASURI 859!
  • Do you know what the color of 2022 is for your hair? Learn from magazine TAIFASURI 859 what is the trend in hair styling for next year from the specialist Adrian Perjovschi! Read and dare more in 2022!
  • Jewelry that… speaks? Find out who makes, here in Romania, ornaments that can be “enlivened” by a text message, real gifts… “live”, only from the magazine TAIFASURI 859!
  • Admire in TAIFASURI magazine 859 the most expensive dresses of all time. Featured by famous women, from Audrey Hepburn to Charlize Theron, from Marilyn Monroe Nicole Kidman, by Julie Andrews… Kate Middleton! Collection of historical photos, only in the magazine TAIFASURI 859!
  • ADDITION 4 pages of “Green Pharmacy”, ADDITION amazing food innovations in… future recipes, ADDITION cultural agenda – very rich! – of the weekend, ADDITION horoscope, ADDITION dating ads, ADDITION other and other original and exciting topics you will find only in the issue 859 of Review chats!

Don’t miss a historical cookbook! 1,501 “dishes” in the “Gastronomic Dictatorship” of the famous Constantin Bacalbașa! The book of books in Romanian cuisine!

Magazine TAIFASURI 859 offers you an exclusive historical cookbook. “Gastronomic dictatorship” of the famous Constantin Bacalbașa. That is no less than 1,501 kinds of “food”!

Recipes that are more delicious, more appetizing! Only with the magazine TAIFASURI 859, now at all media outlets!

CAREFUL! It’s just the first volume, I’ll follow the second! All with magazine chats! Exclusively with the magazine chats!

CAREFUL! Ask for the “Gastronomic Dictatorship” cookbook if you don’t receive it with the magazine! Complaints at the telephone number 031 / 432.69.48.

Don’t miss a varied and complex reading, 32 pages, in issue 859 of TAIFASURI magazine, at all the press kiosks starting with Thursday, November 25! You don’t even know what to lose if you don’t read it!

CAREFUL! If you have not been vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and do not want to leave the house for as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is haunting you, you simply cannot find it. magazine chats on stalls, SUBSCRIBE to the magazine now chats in any of the Romanian Post offices!

This way, you make sure you don’t lose any issues of your favorite magazine and you can automatically participate in the draw for… what prizes you only get from magazine chats! It’s Thursday!

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