Historical procession Quintana, Moro’s godmother charms with a new dress

The city is full to witness the magic of the historical parade, characterized by new things, surprises and some unplanned events, such as a couple of ambulances that came to the aid of spectators and a horse that fell (thankfully, without consequences) at the entrance. to Republic Square.

Federico Moro she wore a new dress from Sartoria Menghini, created for her and in which Ente Giostra and Rioni contributed. And as a sign of gratitude, he took the floor from the stage, thanking with a passionate speech: “Thanks to the people who have always followed me. The new dress I’m wearing is wonderful and I’m very proud of it. It was created by a man who works with competence and historical rigor. Thank you also to those like Ms. Adele Metelli who contributed, and thank you to the counties who contributed.“.

The president Metelli he insisted on Quintana’s “normality” that makes us forget the dark years of Covid. “This will be the perfect Carousel. We feel the weight of responsibility for representing the city.“. “The people of Quintana demonstrate once again that they put their love for Foligno first to keep the Flame alive,” said Mayor Stefano Zuccarini, also asking for Massimo Gubbini to applaud.

Finally the blessing of the vicar bishop, Don Giovanni Zampa:Riders are encouraged to be the “best of the best”, an example for children. Everyone is praying for you and your business, but we are also praying for Massimo Gubbini that he will soon return to this square to celebrate“.

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