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The main events of the day in Ourense, as well as the newspaper archives of the newspaper “La Región”. please at”History 4 times“.

chief of cabalino district

(1) The Cabalino district is still a district, and the political leaders of this district gave it that name. But in this district, as in other districts, there are vibrant, energetic, morally and intellectually competent people who lack two things: the conception of a grounded hope that will enable them to escape the oppression of their funny bosses, and Someone who can inspire, inspire and channel their energies will emerge. Mr. Calvo Sotelo has done a great job of this. From this moment, everything changed.

The district began to move and gather around Mr. Calvo Sotero, the crowd sighed and will sigh for him, and only his presence could bring them together, stir them up and drag them down.

The men of the district recognized themselves as grown-ups and, like men in other districts, were determined to exercise their rights as free citizens to cast their votes at the ballot box for whomever they liked.

When the people who laughed at them recognized the men in the district as the same as the men in the district, they were taken aback, took advantage of the opportunity to abuse their power, closed all the doors and tightened all the screws, Elector Cabalino Did not enter pure parliament.

More recently, the Liberal Party has pledged to defend the voting rights of Cabalino citizens; it will run safely through legal channels and arrive at its destination in a pristine state. All the parts and details of this comedy are done and it’s over. The caballino district was completely handed over to the control of the old sheikhs and no one in spain defended it so it could relax and enjoy the quiet enjoyment of the budget while others worked and sweated and continued to watch how the country had so far Moral and material interests are still completely forgotten and abandoned.

Facing this is the healthy, independent part, who does not live, live, or aspire to live on a budget, who defends the right to justice, cares about the well-being of humanity, and waits silently and resignedly for happiness to come. Day, because the inhabitants of the area are free to exercise the rights that God and the law have given to human beings.

The situation in the Cabalino region has long been known throughout Spain. But it is convenient to submit the record again so that you know that the current one is not in line with the wishes and interests of the state, but in line with violence.

(Equis. Article published in La Región, 1923)

September 7, 1923 – Great Earthquake in Japan

  • The Raza National Guard detained a fugitive from his 1917 replacement, and the Ararriz Recruitment Fund claimed him.
  • Pickpockets “committed crimes” in the Castro Calderas market, carrying out multiple thefts, including 300 pesetas stolen.
  • An 18-year-old boy in Ourense was reprimanded for “uttering insults and swear words”.
  • (1) Chiefdoms still exist in Cabalino.
  • A powerful earthquake has rocked Japan in what has been called “one of the worst disasters in history”, with at least 200,000 people expected to die. There were rumors that the cities of Yokohama and Axamo were “totally destroyed”, entire towns were swallowed by huge waves from the coast, the railway line between Osaka and Tokyo was cut, telegraph communication was interrupted, and fires and explosions broke out in the capital Tokyo. The palace has sunk (the royal family managed to save itself), the military academy and other buildings have sunk, and several government ministers were killed when the yacht club where they were meeting caught fire.

September 7, 1948 – A Soviet defector with a clear mind

  • We welcome back from their honeymoon trip Mr. Eusebio Costa Polo and his wife Mrs. Antonita Montarello Mardomingo.
  • Madrid’s military chief, Don Ciro Alonso, is in Ourense and will return to Ribatavia in the evening.
  • Galician cyclist Emilio Rodriguez won the Tour de Catalunya and also won the final stage in Montjuic.
  • Former Soviet colonel Tokayev, who fled Bolshevik territory after serving various positions in Soviet-occupied Germany, assured a news conference in London that “a third world war is being prepared” and that its initiators were “fourteen a world war”. Politburo people. Several Soviet journalists in attendance kept interrupting and insulting Tokayev, who sarcastically called them “comrades” and asked them to compare their service records with his own. He also assured that if the Soviet Union held free elections, not even ten percent of the population would vote for Stalin.

September 7, 1973 – Johan Cruyff makes his Barcelona debut

7 S 1973 News

  • Born in Ourense: Beatriz Oliveira González, Elena Saburido Morillo, Marcos Alonso Feldhaus, Cristina Herras Hermida, José Rodríguez Cudeiro and María Nieves Seoane.
  • Mr. Ceferino Iglesias Carreira bid farewell to the attending physician of La Ruco after 28 years in the city and was granted transfer to Narón (La Coruña) .
  • Young Benito González Barril and Pilar Iglesias Quintas in San Ciprián de Viñas), both of the prominent Carballeira family.
  • Dutchman Johan Cruyff brought a fantastic new addition to the club as Barcelona beat Club Brugge 6-0 at the Nou Camp, scoring two goals and being welcomed by the new club. Praise from the fans.
  • Santiago, Chile, was the scene of the largest pro-demonstration for President Salvador Allende on the third anniversary of his inauguration, with thousands praising the president and rejecting a coup and threats of civil war.Mind, this country is mean

September 7, 1998 – Extension of the Juan XXIII car park

7 S 1998 News

  • Due to the “strong demand for parking spaces”, the Municipal Council of Ourense has decided to expand the Juan XXIII car park and extend the work to Curros Enríquez Street, where the number of parking spaces is expected to increase from 335 to 425, and the extension will increase 90 parking spaces, the project will cost 119 million pesetas and will not affect ongoing work, retaining December as the inauguration date of Juan XXIII.
  • They were born in Ourense: Manuel Fernandez Carrasco and Lucia López Hermida.
  • A gang raided nine churches in the cities of Avion and Berize in just three hours, breaking in and stealing 400,000 pesetas worth of stolen goods, including brushes and valuables.
  • Carlos Osoro, Bishop of Ourense, blessed the new Penitental Chapel of the Sanctuary of Os Milagros, the work of architects Demetrio Losada and Gregorio Martinez .
  • Tennis player Arancha Sánchez Vicario has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Sports Award. The tennis player, who won the French Open for the third time this year, beat athletes such as basketball player Michael Jordan or aviator Carlos Sainz in the final voting.

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