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Superhero cinema was rarely profitable long before the successes of Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93% or The Avengers – 92%. While in the past films like Batman: The Dark Knight – 94%, Spider-Man 2 – 93%, Batman – 72% or X-Men – 81% did achieve quite significant success both in criticism, audience and the box office, it did not mean that this genre would reach high collection rates by law and regulation or that it would also train all fans to speak, discuss and even be scandalized by every release of a new movie.

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Little more than 10 years later, this same genre has had the opportunity to have great films about iconic characters that have existed for a long time within the comics. Nobody would have imagined that we would have epic films like Joker – 91%, Avengers: Infinity War – 79%, Avengers: Endgame – 95%, Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%, Wonder Woman – 92%, Logan – 93%, Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 89%, The Man of Steel – 55% o The Suicide Squad – 91%. The advantage that in more contemporary times the public is more familiar with this genre, is that little-known characters can be approached more naturally, especially in the format of series such as The Boys – 95%, MODOK – 91%, Invincible – 100% or, in this case, Hit-Monkey – 90%.

Hit-Monkey – 90% tells the story of an aggrieved Japanese snow monkey, guided by the ghost of an American assassin, as it traverses a wide swath through the Tokyo underworld. Exclusive premiere of Star Plus.

Critics choose to point out that Jason Sudeikis falls completely in love with his character, giving him a unique characterization, being dark and friendly. Although it takes a while to get over the classic villain of the week structure, it focuses on delivering a truly engaging story with fun and meaningful characters. The relationship between the monkey and the mentor is the backbone of the story, as their relationship in turn forms a bond with the viewer. It is an interesting response to the shows of Netflix-Marvel where they most seemed like a dense 50 minute text.

In addition, within the new regime of Marvel studios is one of his best animated proposals. Basically he doesn’t waste a lot of time on convoluted plots, he’s a monkey that kills bad guys and that’s what audiences need to know to be interested. Each character has a series of each layer that is gradually being addressed and developed. At times in the action sequences, she is interrupted by a clumsy decision to make everything look like “handheld” which makes it difficult to follow the scene. The last two episodes despite being the best of the season, end up depending on little explored elements.

Without further ado for now, we leave you with the Hit-Monkey reviews – 90%:

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Stephen Robinson, from AV Club:

The series is very attractive while offering satisfactory individual odds. That was a challenge for Netflix Marvel shows that often felt like dense text broken into 50-minute segments.

Alex Maidy, from JoBlo.com:

… is one of the best animated offerings of the new regime at Marvel Studios in charge of television projects. The series has some solid twists and turns and character reveals that should definitely win a second season.

Tessa smith, from Mama’s geeky:

Their relationship is the heart and soul of the series. As they spend more and more time together bonding, it becomes easier for the audience to connect with them as well. Hit Monkey himself is extremely lovable, even though he has a bit of a temper. It’s cute and cuddly …

Siddhant Adlakha, from IGN:

A binge-eating season that takes a while to outgrow his villain of the week structure, Marvel’s Hit-Monkey turns dark comic oddities, an armed macaque and his ghostly human mentor, into hilarious and meaningful protagonists.

Staff, from The Main Edge:

The character work here is exceptional, okay. Sudeikis absolutely falls in love with Bryce, giving a perfect voice to this kind, charming and super shady guy …

Kristen reid, from Paste Magazine:

… at the end of the day, Hit Monkey is at its best when it’s simply a show about a monkey killing bad guys.

Graeme McMillan, from Reverse:

… Hit Monkey feels like a contractual obligation for all parties involved, the kind of series that may have seemed like a good idea once, but now seems awkward in the cold light of day.

Charles Villanueva, from Murphy’s Universe:

… as the show peels off Bryce’s layers, you begin to feel attached to his restless soul and begin to realize that the sadness Sudeikis brings to the character is magnetic.

Joshua Kristian McCoy, from GameRant:

Unfortunately, part of the action is interrupted by a deeply disorienting visual trick, created to recreate the effect of a handheld camera. The frame rocks and bounces wildly, making the action difficult to follow and sloppy.

Daniel Fienberg, from The Hollywood Reporter:

The last two episodes offer increasing scale and better moments, but rely too heavily on Japanese characters who never exhibit any narrative need and, aside from Takei’s always welcome earnestness, never find individual voices.

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