Hit to medical staff after learning that their family member died of COVID-19


Staff the Hospital General de Zona (HGZ) 48 belonging to the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) denounced the aggression of which they were victims after that posted to the family of a patient COVID-19 that had lost life.

In a video posted on Twitter shows how some doctors are auxiliary those responsible for the health of those who had communicated to six people that your relative had deceased for the consequences of the COVID-19.

They think that the COVID is an invention

According to sources close, the assault occurred in the HGZ 48 of the IMSS, located in the mayor of Azcapotzalco, in Mexico City, where doctors and nurses of the IMSS were strokes and verbal aggression on the part of the relatives of the deceased.

We suffer the consequences of people not taking things seriously, and most of them tell you not to come out of their houses to ignore in general the measures of caution and think that the COVID is an invention.

The staff of the IMSS indicated that the patient remained in isolation, so we only had access to doctors and nurses, so that to give them the news assaulted physically by the police of the entranceentered two ladies and four men that the apparently one of them came armed, which, they beat two police officers of surveillance, demanding to see his family and insulting and scaring the staff.

They added that one of the workers was injuredin addition to a doctor received death threats by having restricted the step to an area of COVID-19. Indicated that had to intervene the police capital and demanded the attention of the media to be attacked for doing their work.

Could not see the patient due to the protocol of COVID-19

In this regard, the nurse of that same institution, Daniel Zamoranoregretted what had occurred and reported that the patient I was hospitalized from Monday April 6 and the family I could not see him due to the protocol that is still against the disease.

He mentioned that the body not delivered as well, you will not have time to fire himit is not like any other deceased must be cremated, not what you’ll see if you die inside of a hospital! and he stressed that the people is not educated for what’s coming.

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