HITMAN 3 revealed plans for its second year: new content, virtual reality and launch on Game Pass

The team responsible for HITMAN presented some of the new features that will come to the game such as the trilogy version, more content, VR version and visual improvements.

During the course of Thursday, I.O.Interactive shared a stream with all the news that will come to hitman 3 during his second year. Different representatives of the company and the developers responsible for the game modes and updates shared more details about the new content.

Within the announcements, they presented HITMAN Trilogy, a complete package for newcomers that includes HITMAN 1, 2 and 3. The package will be available from January 20, 2022 -which will also be the date that marks the beginning of the second year- and could be accessed from PlayStation , Xbox, Steam, Epic Games and, as a big surprise, It will arrive on Xbox and PC Game Pass from day one of its launch.

There was also good news for the established community with new game modes from Elusive Target Arcade Y HITMAN Freelancer, as well as a new map under the alias Rocky, coming later. In addition, on January 20 will arrive Hitman VR for PC with full trilogy support. Those who want it will be able to put on the gloves of Agent 47 and experience the world of assassination with greater freedom of movement than ever before. Added to all this are the graphic improvements: the PC version will have an update that will include Ray Tracing, especially on maps like the skyscraper in Dubai or the location in Chongqing.


Elusive Target Arcade

The new mode will bring the difficult task of eliminating multiple targets one after another, without error, with new tasks and unforeseen additions to contracts. Those who complete the series of objectives will get a permanent reward for the rest of the game. But upon missing one of the targets, the killer will have to wait a minimum of 12 hours before trying again.

This formula will seek to maintain the feeling of high risk for those who are willing to take on the challenge. The team responsible for IOI will keep the formula fresh by updating the mode with new tests throughout the year. Elusive Target Arcade seeks to give players more opportunities to enjoy the mode and generate recurring content. It will be available to all HITMAN 3 owners starting January 20. With his arrival, there will be a contract with three goals from HITMAN 3 and another two contracts from HITMAN 1 and 2 respectively.

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Hitman VR

The content of the trilogy will arrive in another exclusive format for PC: virtual reality. With the goal of seamless gameplay and interaction in mind, each assassin will have more freedom than ever before in determining how to proceed with their target. With special attention to controls adapted for VR, with specific mechanics such as throwing objects that can be aimed with one hand and thrown with the other.

Combining the use of both hands with the freedom of movement and locations that are a huge sandbox is a recipe for chaos and creativity. The responsible team highlighted that the most charged moments of combat and action will bring out the independence that the player has to control the situation to their liking., instead of their animations taking over. With only a week to go before its release, full details on supported hardware will be revealed on his blog in the coming days.

HITMAN Freelancer

This is a new single-player mode for HITMAN 3 with elements roguelike, which involves strategic planning and equips the agent with a customizable safe house. To get started, Agent 47’s command center is an explorable space available for each player to reflect what kind of assassin they want to be. Among many options, they will be able to choose their wardrobe, test weapons on the shooting range, change the decorations of the space and more. In each pre-mission instance, it will be where the assassin plans their next moves and equips accordingly.

When you’re ready to get your hands dirty, you’ll have access to a quest hub where you can view all available freelance campaigns. With freedom to select the mission and with different destination locations, each campaign will have a set of missions, of which the order can be determined and the assassin will return to his center of operations to resupply and plan his next target.

The last location will be where the agent will find the leader of the criminal organization to eliminate him and complete his campaign. This mode will have new elements that will make the experience even more unique: the different locations will have NPCs that could facilitate or hinder the progress made. They will also be opportunities to discover safe deposit boxes, hidden hideouts and even other NPC assassins. The new game mode will arrive during the second quarter of 2022 and IOI prepares more surprises to accompany the community during the year.


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