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Hitman PC Game Download Full Version

Hitman. Mankiller. The title itself tells us what the game will be about. However, will it be an ordinary “killer” in which we will only walk, shoot and murder people, or can we expect something more, a different game that we really want to play, which will tempt us, potential players, with just a description, are the screenshots (i.e. photos from the game) to click on the intriguing and tempting Hitman Download button? Let’s check.

Hitman PC Game Download Full Version

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Hitman 2016 is definitely a position that belongs to the latter category. The series has been winning the hearts of players for many years, new parts are released, new items, and even the so-called “reboots”, i.e. simply resuming the series with different graphics or other corners of our hero’s past.

Hitman from March 11, 2016, when the game is to see the light of day for the first time, is simply an unusual game. The creators of this edition are members of the Canadian studio dealing in the production of video games, and the studio is called Io-Interactive. They are not pioneers in this branch of the entertainment market, as they already have such hits as the controversial, but very successful series of games under the common title “Kane and Lynch”. Of course, it should be noted that they are the ones who make up the Hitman series, so they are not unfamiliar with the subject. Also, see the second part of Hitman from 2018.

Agent 47, or Hitman, is the best in his profession. It is him who is entrusted with the most difficult and demanding tasks, he is the one who eliminates those whom he simply has to eliminate. He has been doing it since 2000, until 2015, five full-fledged versions of the series were released, and two spin offs, aimed at players who prefer to play portable, mobile – for example on mobile or portable consoles. The full part titles are ” Hitman: Codename 47 “, ” Hitman 2: Silent Assassin “, ” Hitman: Contracts “, ” Hitman: Blood Money ” and ” Hitman: Absolution ” and the spin-offs are ” Hitman Sniper ” and ” Hitman HIM“. The series also includes a package of several games, that is, ” Hitman HD Trilogy “.

As you can see, Agent 47 ‘s universe is very extensive, we have already met many of his adventures, and in Hitman we are facing more. This is a kind of reboot of the series, the so-called reboot, which is why it was titled only Hitman , with no specific subtitle. It is still a TPP game, i.e. third person perspective, in which we see the world not from the eyes of the character (as is done in the case of FPP games, i.e. First Person Perspective), but from behind his back. However, this does not diminish the fun of the game or our accuracy.

On the day of the premiere, we will receive only three locations, although six are planned. The others will be available a bit later, in the form of a so-called DLC, i.e. a download, a package that we can download immediately – but we will have to wait a bit longer for it – or download one location at a time, right away, when it is released to daylight. Such a play and such an attitude of the Io-Interactive studio is quite a good idea, because it prolongs the interest in their position and its very life at the same time.

Hitman Download itself is a single player game, and our Agent 47 has a really impressive arsenal of weapons in his inventory – after all, each opponent requires a different approach and a different kind of dealing with it. Locations, i.e. places to which we will go, are so-called open locations, where it means that we will see a vast area in front of us and we will be able to go practically wherever we want.

Hitman PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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