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H&M has for sale the secret that helps Jennifer López to have a body 10 at 52 years

Jennifer Lopez she is a spectacular woman. At 52 years old, all her fans envy her beauty. It has always been said that the Bronx diva is not quite the age she appears. Some believe that he has found the elixir of youth, and if so, he does not want to share the secret with others. What we know right now is that JLo is very happy with Ben Affleck, and that helps too. In addition, her career as an actress and singer does not stop adding new projects. He is in his best moment.

The artist assures that she has never undergone aesthetic touch-ups, nor does he use Photoshop, something that many of his ‘haters’ have questioned. JLo has many tricks to get an enviable figure. First of all, you know how to choose the clothes that best fit your body. You get the most out of it.

If you look at the singer always usually wear push-up pants, Those that lift your buttocks to make them look much stronger, as if you were going to the gym every day. She also wears pants that slim her figure and make her appear taller.

Jennifer Lopez’s secrets for her body 10 are on H&M

On occasion, she has also been seen wearing a reducing girdle to hide a few extra pounds. He also wears culottes. And you too because you won’t be able to resist the one presented by H&M. It is a push-up shaping culotte in black. Available in all sizes. You will have more pronounced and toned buttocks. It is very comfortable and reduces cartridge belts.

“High-waisted culottes with inner reinforcement. Shaping effect on the waist and hips, and push-up effect on the buttocks. Model designed with minimal seams for a more comfortable fit and a soft feel”, details H&M.

It is for sale both in store and online for only 14.99 euros.

h & m culotte

Push-up shaping culotte

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