HMD global Version of the Nokia C2 Go with Android, Have Flash-Front camera


INDOZONE.ID HMD Global, as the holder of the brand Nokia has just officially announced the low-end smartphones, new Nokia C2 unveiled. Smartphones are known to be present with the Android operating system 9 Go Edition.

Please note, that this smartphone is the successor of the Nokia C1. Nokia C2 comes with the specifications of the class under such a chipset quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal memory.

However, to optimize the performance of the mobile phone, the low technical data, the operating system used Android smartphones, such as Nokia C2 this is designed for the low-end.

Since the Android operating system, Go for it achieves a light app of Google such as Google Mail, Go to YouTube, and much more.

Later, the Nokia C2 also comes with a screen resolution of HD+, and it supports 4G LTE network. Then there is a battery of 2,800 mAh claimed, can be up to a full day of normal use.

Photo/Nokia via GSMArena
Photo/Nokia via GSMArena
Photo/Nokia via GSMArena
Photo/Nokia via GSMArena

Then there is a setup-rear camera resolution of 5 MP and also a front camera resolution of 5 MP with a flash light so can give you that extra light, if you want to take a selfie picture.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known, the exact price of the Nokia C2. However, it was predicted Nokia will dropped the smartphone with the price of Rp1 million.

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