Hoka sneakers 2023: the best running shoes with a shock-absorbing sole

Practical and trendy, Hoka sneakers are loved by athletes and celebrities around the world.

Hoka running shoes have become the favorite running shoes of athletes, runners and celebrities around the world. How did they achieve all this success (and in such a short time)? To understand why, we need to take a step back and delve into the history of the brand.

revolutionary shoes

The history of Hoka sneakers began in 2009 when the two founders, Jean-Luc and Nicolas (former Salomon executives and running enthusiasts), noticed that most running shoes of the time were flat and had poor cushioning. This is where the research to create an alternative to traditional running shoes begins: they wanted to try to minimize the impact on the joints of athletes during the race, which is only possible by developing a special sole. It is this feature that will revolutionize the running shoe industry and make Hoka so famous: an oversized midsole specifically designed to provide exceptional wearer comfort. Even the choice of name is not at all accidental: “Hoka” comes from the Maori term “haka one one”, which literally means “flying above the ground”.

6 (good) reasons to buy Hoka sneakers and never part again

  1. Oversized midsole – Wearing them will feel like walking on clouds thanks to the oversized midsole for maximum cushioning and shock absorption. All this will make running smoother and reduce stress on the joints.
  2. Swing technology – Experience a natural and efficient stride with the exclusive Rocker Arm Design: technology designed to propel each stride forward, reducing the amount of energy required and improving athletic performance.
  3. Ease – Despite their unusual size, Hoka shoes remain incredibly light (without sacrificing support and durability) thanks to the use of special materials.
  4. Innovative – Hoka has revolutionized shoe technology; Innovative materials and special design features provide exceptional comfort, support and performance.
  5. Universal – Despite being designed as a runner’s shoe, they remain incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking for shoes for your next adventures or just comfortable shoes for your busiest days, Hoka shoes will suit all occasions.
  6. Bold and unique designs – in these sneakers it is impossible to go unnoticed; You can indulge in bold and unique designs by choosing from a wide range of colors, patterns and styles, always enjoying the benefits of Hoka (in style) technology.

Sneakers that are loved not only by stars, but also by athletes

It’s true that the HOKA was created as a high-performance running shoe worn by famous skiers like Jim Walmsley and Sage Canaday, but it’s equally acclaimed by stars around the world for its undeniable comfort.

There are those who wear them for daily runs, like Reese Witherspoon, and those who prefer to use them for gym workouts, like Addison Ray and Lisa Rinna.

BG020/Bauer Griffin

Addison Ray


Reese Witherspoon

These are shoes that are not only loved for sports: style icons such as Emily Ratajkowski choose Hoka sneakers to bring sportiness and color to an all-black outfit.

DIGZY / SplashNews.com

Emily Ratajkowski

Even Chris Martin has chosen a colorful and fun HOKA model in full Coldplay style for his latest concerts around the world.

MMSO / SplashNews.com / ipa-agency.net

Chris Martin during the Milan concert at the San Siro

Hoka sneakers buy online

If you love pastels and neutrals like pink and beige, you can’t go wrong with Bondi 8.

Linear and lightweight, the Clifton 8 is perfect for those who love to run or just want an ultra-light running shoe; lilac in contrast with orange makes the design discreet but cheerful. Plus, you can indulge in the 9 Hoka colors available on Amazon, from black to blue, without forgetting the brightest hues (favorites of the stars).

The combination of bold colors makes these sneakers explosive and energetic, allowing you to express your personality and style in a unique and unexpected way. It is impossible to go unnoticed.

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The Mafate Speed ​​4 is born from the combination of two ultra-performing models to create the ultimate running shoe. One of the lightest shoes in the entire range, thanks to thin layers of technical and breathable fabric and a foam sole, this Hoka shoe is remarkably stable so it’s built to last.

Hoka is more than just a sports shoe: the futuristic design makes the Clifton sneakers charming and cool, and perfect for streetwear lovers.

A streamlined silhouette and a clean aesthetic are characteristics that make this shoe suitable for any situation; perfect for a workout at the gym or a light jog thanks to the innovative super soft sole, or just to add a sporty touch to your everyday wardrobe. Try them with bike shorts, jeans or leggings.

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