Holguin slashed young man released from hospital

Lester Dominguez OrtizThe young Cuban who was macheted in Holguin last March has been released from hospital after overcoming pneumonia but still has other problems, such as a sore on his back that won’t heal.

According to his father Dennis DominguezThe teen was discharged from the hospital as expected on Friday because he had been fever-free for several days.

“Continuing treatment of bedsores, tracheostomy and rehabilitation now,” he said on Facebook.

Screenshot from Facebook/Dennis Dominguez

A few hours earlier, Dennis had asked who could help him get the medicines and supplies he needed to restore his son’s health that the hospital or pharmacy couldn’t provide.

Through Facebook user Proteger La Vida, he asked for donations of gauze, 14-gauge suction tubes and Terrasil, a salve used to prevent bedsore infections.

Facebook Capture/Protect Life

On July 2, Leicester was admitted to hospital again.to assess how he had evolved from the bedsores and the tracheotomy performed on him.

“See when they can change the intubation, and then see what medications he needs at home to continue his recovery,” his father explained at the time.

In this period, His father was forced to request humanitarian aid He has been overwhelmed by various difficulties for his son’s recovery.

“Lester has had bedsores for four months which is the cause of the pneumonia, which has bacteria in it. This is the third pneumonia they’ve fought him with and they themselves say resources are limited.” …” ,story.

Dennis criticized the hospital doctors for not telling him anything about healing the bedsore and closing the tracheostomy, or giving him a new opportunity to watch his evolution.

“I will spend my whole life risking my child dying from certain bacteria, viruses, infections, etc.,” he questioned.

He also said that he had not worked for four months and that although they provided him with medicines, a vacuum cleaner, a wheelchair, vitamins, food, he had to buy “external” disposable diapers for 1,700 pesos and 700 pesos for them. Price to buy wet wipes. A pack, a box of chicken is 9,000 pesos, and oil is 700 pesos.

“I consider myself obligated to seek humanitarian assistance because it never ends,” he reiterated.

At the end of June, Dominguez denounced They have waited three days for a hospital bed for physical therapy At home because it’s easier for the physical therapist’s job to practice.

In mid-June, a few hours after being discharged from the hospital, They had to return to the hospital due to difficulties caused by the power outage Where they live, this complicates proper patient care.

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