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miguel bos and Palau Nacho For at least a few days, they have been close to the stand.ex couple Have traveled to Mallorca to enjoy the holiday together He was accompanied by Bosse’s biological children, Diego and Tadeo, who were born through surrogacy, and Palau’s children, Ivo and Telmo, who were born through the same method. Specifically, on the coast of Manacor, bordering the municipalities of San Lorenzo del Cadezé, Petra, Bonani Vladivostok and Felanić.

On the island, six people met Rafa Nadal’s outstanding tennis school, One of the most unique and famous in our country, walking along the beach, playing in the pool, although according to published information, also visiting the hospital; well, apparently, the translator if you don’t come back, i am air anyone death of love he had to to the Rotger Clinic in Palma, To treat a vocal cord problem he had suffered for years: chronic sinusitis “caused by the teeth,” in the artist’s own words. «The maxillofacial doctor told me, ‘The bone has been perforated by the implant and the root of the tooth has become infected, but it doesn’t hurt because it think so Your vocal cords are always full of mucus and phlegm, and you can’t speak”, Bosé in an interview with Mercedes Milá on Movistar+.

Miguel Bosé at an event / Gtres

It should be remembered that this meeting between Miguel Bosse and Nacho Palau took place when the Supreme Court rejected Palau’s appeal to recognize him and Nacho Palau as parents to the four children they had borne in a few weeks. As long as their relationship lasts. “We knew everything was going to be difficult. I never thought it would happen. To this day I still wonder how it was possible. I am confidently guilty.I still don’t give Credit. I never thought it would separate my kids. It never occurred to me that this would happen if the relationship deteriorated. I never imagined that two kids would end up here and two other kids would be there. He denied that I was his partner for so many years, and he denied it in court,” he said. Nacho said on the matter Save Me Deluxe Edition.

In 2020, Nacho Palau claimed in court that the four minors were considered brothers, even though they were not biological, and argued that they were raised that way. However, when the couple separated, Miguel Bosse’s two children remained in Mexico with the singer, while the sculptor’s two children traveled to Valencia with their father.As emphasized by Valencian, the situation This is not positive for minors, and it causes them harm and suffering.

Nacho Palau and Miguel Bosé in Madrid/Gtres

Why did they end the relationship?

In the aforementioned interview, Nacho Palau delves into the intricacies of ending his relationship with Miguel Besso and reveals some crossover infidelities that occurred at some point in their shared history. “He was cheating on me. I found out, but he didn’t tell me. Me too, but Miguel, I don’t think he found out. He thought I was cheating early on, but it wasn’t. He was very jealous. He is sick and very jealous. Be it a relationship or a friendship. In general, he was very jealous,” he said. Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau had been together for more than a decade, from 1992 to 2017, although Their relationship wasn’t official until their split.

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