Holidays, Football, Mesut Ozil, Select Live Streaming Fortnite


Mesut Ozil. (M10 ESPORTS) – Football player, the famous German, Mesut Ozil, the quarantine itself, in order to avoid corona virus COVID. To fill the time, he decided to look for a live streaming Fortnite.

As is known, a number of European football to avoid leagues close match in quarantine self-transmission of the virus corona COVID-19.

Including the English premier league place to Arsenal, the club is the home Mesut Ozil is about to come. He had come to the holiday play soccer on the field.

To fill his spare time during the quarantine itself, these football players are doing live streaming Fornite in to your account Twitches of her.

Be aware of account Twich hers, he seemed to be engrossed in the game “battle royale” with a number of colleagues.

Mesut Ozil. (M10 ESPORTS)
Mesut Ozil. (M10 ESPORTS)

As is known, a 31-year-old man likes to play the game with his two friends namely, Sead Kolasinac, Julian

Quotes from Talk sports, Mesut Ozil, you perform a broadcast transmission, if the game Fornite shared both his challenges.

Also mentions live streaming Fortnite is also available as a drug for the fans who miss him. Can’t see the action, could see on the field, at least, Mesut Ozil Fortnite-game.

Although many fans are skeptical, see the skills, you play Fortnite, but the third player who seem to this ball to enjoy the game.

Mesut Ozil. (Twitter/ MesutOzil1088)
Mesut Ozil. (Twitter/ MesutOzil1088)

In addition to that, Mesut Ozil also has an eSports team called M10 eSports, the difficulties had the game in the FIFA and Fortnite.

Mesut Ozil is likely to be live-streaming Fortnite, in the face of the English premier league and in European football, the other still closed.

They are also fans of this football player? Can’t see the match Mesut Ozil in the box to the green, you can Fortnite it in live streaming.