HOLIDAYS IN TURKEY | Alessia Marcuzzi in a bikini drove the fans crazy (PHOTO)

Holidays in Turkey for Alessia Marcuzzi
Holidays in Turkey for Alessia Marcuzzi

New love, friendship or just coincidence? Leonardo DiCaprio enjoyed dessert in Los Angeles with Vittoria Ceretti. And there were rumors. Will it be a new flame? Will she just be a friend? Is it just a business meeting? We don’t know for sure. What we know for sure is that she is 25 years old, a model, only 23 years younger than Leo, and she is married to DJ Matteo Milleri.

Sexy Ibiza. Rita Ora, the unforgettable protagonist of the 50 Shades of Grey/Black/Red saga, has chosen Ibiza as her holiday destination. The actress and pop star is in the company of her husband Taika Waititi and friends. The couple celebrated a year of marriage. The wedding was celebrated and celebrated last year in great secrecy.

Mom for an encore. Rihanna came out for an encore. She has had her second child, a boy, and she is beaming. Asap Rocky’s first child is named RZA and was born in May 2002. The name of the unborn child is still kept secret. Only the initial is known, and that is “R”.

Holidays of the former. While Elodie and Andrea Iannone are vacationing in Porto Cervo, her former Marrakesh, a rapper by trade, is vacationing in Pantelleria with Asia Pesenti. Both seem to have archived their previous relationships and moved on.

Trekking to the top. Elena Santarelli decided to go hiking in the Dolomites with her husband Bernardo Corradi. And he reached a height of 2700 meters, demonstrating an authentic costume and a perfect, sculpted physique. Santarelli has been linked to Corradi since 2007; they got married in 2014.

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