Hollywood and Hungary: Filming of Brad Pitt’s film continues

Filming of Brad Pitt’s film also continues in Hungary, but without the actor.


Filming of Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 film also continues in Hungary.. After first takes at Silverstone, where the Oscar-winning actor was immortalized in the pits and on the track, production also continues in Budapest.

However, there is something new. WITH WGA Writers’ Strikewho also joined actors who have joined the SAG-AFTRA alliancemany television and film productions were put on hold.

Not for the movie Brad Pitt. Hollywood star is one of the members of the union, so most likely he will be absentand shooting will still continue.

Taking into account Hungarian Grand Prix, the garage of the imaginary Apex team was installed in the pit lane. Pitt famously plays Formula One veteran Sonny Hayes, who returns to the track to mentor the rising star played by Damson Idris.

According to what we can tell you, in the absence of the actors on the set, the cameras will resume. stunt double as they drive down the track. Among the shots we’ll see, according to AutoSport, are those at the Apex pit stops and activity on the grid during the weekend in Hungary.

Formula 1 drivers by Brad Pitt

In an interview with Sky during the Silverstone Grand Prix, Brad Pitt said he was enthusiastic about the film project created by Apple. Praising the work of the Formula 1 drivers and teams, he said:

“Being a civilian, I had no idea what it meant to be a pilot. All that aggression and agility. They are fantastic athletes. I have a lot of respect for everyone. I will stay here until they kick me out. Because I love it all. I think it’s every boy’s dream.”

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