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Johnny Depp is an actor beloved by the public and even a little extravagant, as evidenced by his collection of special and fabulous cars.

Johnny Depp car
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Johnny Depp he is one of the most famous and beloved actors in Hollywood. Despite a long break, including due to legal problems with a former partner. Amber Heard, the fans never let Johnny down. Indeed, Depp’s fame and success in his career has made him an icon and a unique character.

And the actor is fat whimsical and attractiveA factor that contributed to being loved. Johnny’s garage is as unique as he is, and Depp seems to enjoy driving modern cars. Here’s what they are his favorite models.

Johnny Depp’s Cars: Efficiency, Comfort and Exclusivity – Three Key Words

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The cars included in the actor’s collection can be described in three words: efficiency, comfort and exclusivity. This is because these are cars that not everyone drives, but which many car enthusiasts want. In addition, it seems that the actor prefers big cars compared to supercars and fast sports cars. Now stop lingering, here are Johnny Depp’s cars.

1959 Chevrolet Corvette

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Johnny Depp decided to buy one 1959 Chevrolet Corvette have in your collection. From here we understand that he is a fan of beautiful cars, since this American automotive icon.

This car is also in the collection of other celebrities such as George Clooney, and a similar model today has a price that can reach up to 200 thousand euros.

Mercedes V-Class

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It seems strange, but in the garage of Johnny Depp there is a place for a van Mercedes V-class. Such an atypical choice is easily explained: Depp traveled for a long time in his private jet and chose it to get to the airport.

This van guarantees security and privacy and can be purchased for approx. 50 thousand euros.

Lincoln Navigator

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Being an SUV lover, Johnny Depp decided to buy an impressive car. Lincoln Navigator. This luxury vehicle is equipped with numerous amenities and has Bi-turbo V6 engine with 470 hp.

Its cost is not low and to buy a similar model, available only in the USA, you will have to spend approx. 100 thousand dollars.

Porsche 911 Carrera S

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Another collectible car for Johnny Depp – wonderful Porsche 911 Carrera S. Model in the actors’ garage 963release in the late 80s.

This vintage car it is elegant and beautiful to look ata little gem that many would like to have among the available cars.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

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Majestic and refined car, Rolls-Royce Ghost this is one of the models Johnny Depp uses to get around normally. This vehicle has V12 engine capable of developing a power of approx. 630 HP.

The maximum speed of the vehicle is 250 km/h and its price is prohibitive, to buy it you have to spend up to 300 thousand euros.

Range Rovers

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Finally, in Johnny Depp’s garage there is also a seemingly “ordinary” SUV: Range Rovers. Depp loves this car and has sometimes been seen driving in a relaxed state.

This car is safe, reliable and accurate, Joy for those who have to drive around the city without problems. Its cost starts from about 50 thousand euros.

Johnny Depp Cars: Pictures and Photos

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