Hollywood you don’t know: the strangest hobbies of the stars

Perhaps only the most die-hard fans are aware of the fact that numerous Hollywood actors and actressesin addition to acting, have various rather particular passions and hobbies.

Let’s find out together below!

The hobbies of Pitt, DiCaprio, Streep and Clooney

Various Hollywood stars, as already mentioned, have rather unusual hobbies and passions, starting with two iconic sex-symbols such as Brad Pitt And Leonardo Dicaprionow friends for a long time, who love to spend whole nights at create terracotta statues and vases giving vent to your creativity. Sometimes the two also involve other VIPs by making Alba create sculptures, and DiCaprio has the habit of bringing the sandwiches prepared by Fat Sal’s, a well-known American sandwich shop.

If that passion strikes, it will be even more curious to know that the three-time Academy Award(R) Meryl Streepone of the faces of Hollywood who has collected the most awards and nominations, loves to knit and considers this pastime a real therapy to collect thoughts and contemplate life.

This passion is also shared by stars of the caliber of Julia Roberts, Ryan Gosling And Christina Hendricks.

Perhaps a little less eccentric, as it is now appreciated by more and more people, is George Clooney’s passion for casino games, which dates back to well before the actor starred in Ocean’s 11. To be precise, Clooney was already playing as a boy , when his aunt was performing as a singer right in Las Vegas. Games like casino and poker are actually a pastime appreciated by VIPs and non-VIPs, especially online, but they require particular attention. In fact, to have fun in total safety, it is important to find out about all the dynamics of the game by reading, for example, some online insights which, in addition to advice on how to play safely, also present all the promotions offered by online casinos at all times.

Other passions and hobbies of Hollywood VIPs

But there are many other Hollywood stars who cultivate particular passions to say the least. Tom Hanks, for example, when he is not on the set he loves to collect typewriters, a passion he has cultivated since 1978.

Johnny Depp, however, has two far more bizarre pastimes: the first is collecting Barbies and the second, pigeon skeletons. While these are kept on display in the living room, it seems that he instead enjoys playing with Barbie with her children. The actor recently had to face a much talked about trial against his ex-wife Amber Heardwhich will soon become a film.

Following a family tradition, however, Angelina Jolie she collects knives: in fact, it was her mother who gave her the first dagger when she was only 11 years old. The actress then passed on this passion to her son Maddox, albeit always being careful to dull the points of the knives and never miss an opportunity to talk to him about “non-violence”.

Finally, Bradley Cooper follows a passion transmitted by his grandmother Assunta, of Abruzzo origins, that is, making pasta at home, a gesture that takes him back in time.

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