Holomodor, the history of ancient Russian-Ukrainian hatred

Everyone knows the sarcastic saying that “communists eat babies.”. Sarcasm was used for a long time after the events of 1932-33 because (1) all the newspapers of the world described the massacres in Ukraine as a deliberate decision by Joseph Stalin when he decided to liquidate the peasants who owned their land, who created great economic prosperity through the free market of their products.

Stalin ordered that all products be handed over to the state.. The peasants began to starve. When Winston Churchill went to Moscow immediately after the overthrow of the fronts, he managed to establish human relations with Stalin through the widespread use of whiskey and vodka.

Churchill’s personal secretary, Sir Anthony Montagu Brown, was always with them, who in his memoirs recalls the moment when Churchill shamelessly asked Stalin how many millions of Ukrainians he had exterminated with an imaginary famine: “Twelve million?” Stalin calmly replied: “A little less, I would say half.”

But the most impressive moment of the huge massacre concerns the children, who first starved to death, and the starving adults began to eat their corpses.. The NKVD officers, who were experts in finding out what the peasants were hiding, were arrested and shot.

When Stalin learned that the peasants were trying to feed on their dead, he issued a decree for their execution in order to “suppress the heinous crime of cannibalism.” Some butcher shops displayed parts of human bodies in their windows. and the correspondents of the major Western newspapers reported this monster with disdain.

In the early 1930s, Stalin authorized semi-privatization, known as the New Economic Policy, which led to widespread prosperity in the Soviet Union.. This commercial and food development did not please Stalin, who decided to turn the Soviet Union into an industrial power and wanted industry to be born in the most fertile and richest part of the earth with the goods of the earth, as it would be today if Russia had not devastated it with a destructive and punitive invasion. .

Industrialization can be achieved by the deliberate destruction of a population of six to ten million people.. The entire propaganda apparatus of the Soviet Union was immediately mobilized to spread a suitable version abroad, obsessively repeating that the famine was skillfully created by the enemies of socialism. And this sarcastic slogan was also coined and used for decades in all the press conferences and speeches of communist leaders around the world to ridicule anyone who spoke the truth: “As you all know, the communists eat babies.”

The truth was then recognized by Mikhail Gorbachev, and then by Boris Yeltsin, who recognized other denied truths by the secret protocols by which Hitler and Stalin decided to start World War II together. The genocide by famine was called the Holodomor: it was the first act of violent Russian aggression against Ukraine.. And when part of the Ukrainians greeted the Nazis as liberators, asking for the opportunity to fight alongside them, which partly happened, a second great rupture occurred that never healed and which forms the basis of the ancient hatred that underlies the Russian invasion. which began on February 24, 2022.

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