Holy week: Mexico asks to avoid international travel tourism by coronavirus


The Government of Mexico reiterated on Monday its call to avoid international travel, and from Mexico, for reasons that are not essential, such as recreation or tourism, particularly during the Holy Week.

The Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE) said that the request is made “in accordance with the measures to counter the transmission of the virus SARS-CoV-2 in the world and in our country.”

In addition, he recalled that the reduction of frequencies and air routes “has generated enormous complications in the logistics of international flights”.

The mexican foreign ministry urged its citizens who reside abroad permanently “to stay at home and avoid international travel”.

He also appealed to the mexican community in the united States, which traditionally travels to Mexico during Semana Santa, “to postpone the visits to our country.”

He noted that the containment measures that have recently been established in both countries have reduced the aerial connection and limited non-essential travel to the border land.

The SRE reiterated that “given the current conditions, the return of mexican citizens to the national territory is extremely complicatedtherefore it is essential to avoid non-essential travel to the outside”.

In previous weeks, the SRE has urged its citizens, who reside abroad permanently, especially in the united States, “to comply with the instructions of the local authorities”, in addition to recommended them widely to stay at home and avoid all types of international movement.

In 2019, between 29 march and 29 April, the Secretary of the Interior and the National Migration Institute (INM), within the Operating of the Holy Week of the Program Paisano, supported with more than 656,000 people of mexican origin who traveled by land and air between the united States and Mexico.

Coronavirus in CDMX: through your phone, the government in the capital city will know if you stay home

Before the contingency by coronavirus that currently has been reported 2,439 positive cases of infection and 125 deathsthe government of Mexico City announced that from the 25th of march, is collaborating with mobile phone companies to obtain aggregate information and anonymized on the capacity of users in the mexican capital.

The metropolis of the country, which account with 8.885 million inhabitants, represents a high risk of infection of coronavirus. For this reason, the authorities of the capital have decided to restrict to 25 peoplethe meetings allowed.

Through a press release, the Digital agency of Public Innovation (ADIP)indicated that the measure has the purpose of to ensure the health and safety of all of them using the technology “as a mechanism to respond adequately to the pandemic virus COVID-19”, dealt with the document.

From the appointed date, the government of Mexico City you will receive a daily report by the mobile communications companies, on the average number of users in each of the radiobases within the City of Mexico.

“These databases do not contain any type of information about a particular user or their behavior. On the contrary, only allow the Government of the City observe for every hour of the day, how many users were connected each radiobase.”, specified the press release.

With such cooperation, the authorities of the capital have the ability to identify in what areas of the city and at what times of the day changes the influx people in the largest city in the country. In addition, the unit noted that the purpose of such a measure is to assess changes in the capacity of different areas and its possible relationship with the spread of the coronavirusfor what I underlined:

“This allows design and implement public policies aimed at reducing the rate of spread of the COVID-19 and respond to this health emergency to ensure the health of all citizens”

However, the government of the city ruled out the application of fines or other rules corrective to punish the individuals they come out of their homes. It is remarkable that actions like this have been taken in other countries such as China and Europe.

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