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There are many people who sleep with cats not only for emotional reasons but also for protection. However, have you ever thought about whether there is no risk in this way?Learn about the pros and cons of sharing a bed with this pet, such as international cat daycelebrated on August 8 every year.

In many households, it has become commonplace for cats to sleep with their owners in bed, which may seem cute at first glance. However, this habit can become a problem if certain precautions are not taken.

What are the benefits of sleeping with a cat?

  • Cat purrs can help owners fall asleep faster, according to research cited by Free Veterinary Channel, which specializes in animals.
  • Cats have a higher body temperature than people, so their company can come in handy on cooler days.
  • People are happier when they wake up and see their cat in bed with them

What’s so bad about sleeping with a cat?

  • When cats want to sleep with their owners but are taken out of the room, they may exhibit stress-related symptoms. This problem can lead to “marking” different spaces in your home or causing vertical scratches on furniture and other items.
  • At some point in the evening or early morning, the cat will wake up and want to play with its owner. That’s why they will approach them when they are sleeping, and bite or scratch them. This is a serious problem because sleep is interrupted and the next day’s energy will not be the same to perform the intended tasks.
  • Some cats who share a bed with their owners will shed due to stress or certain situations. AnimalWished’s suggestion to avoid this problem is to brush it daily to remove “dead hair”.
  • Because they can be very possessive, cats can become jealous if they see strangers in your bed, which can be a privacy issue.

Can cats transmit diseases to us?

Veterinarians say cats can transmit some diseases to humans, mainly when they sleep with us and become infected.

  • tub. Cats can get ringworm, a highly contagious skin disease that can be transmitted to humans. The disease is caused by a fungus that usually grows on the top layer of the skin, hair and even nails. Lack of hygiene or malnutrition in animals can be the main reason for this.
  • scabies. Another highly contagious skin disease that cats can develop, often as a result of poor hygiene, is scabies. AniCura explained that the disease is caused by itching of the mites.
  • Lyme disease. This is a disease caused by infected ticks that can affect dogs and cats. Humans can also get the disease, especially if we sleep with cats who have it.

How can I sleep with my cat without risk?

  • Avoid letting your cat go outside and come into contact with other kittens as they may have a disease or may be a disease carrier
  • Brush cats regularly to avoid dead hair
  • Go to the vet once a year for a check-up and, if possible, the vaccinations you need
  • Vacuum your home regularly to avoid the presence of dust mites
  • Nourish your cat well and avoid spoiled food

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