Homemade Vaseline Moisturizing Mask for Porcelain Skin

you are sure like many mexicans are familiar with petroleum jelly for skin carebecause for years this product has been a favorite of grandmothers for chapped lips or dry body. But contrary to what one might think, petroleum jelly doesn’t provide any moisturizing benefits to the skin, it actually acts like a mask to cover the pores. Barrier to Water Repairto preserve body water.

Although moisturizing effect After applying petroleum jelly, we must not forget that by covering the pores, we hinder the body from breathing comfortably and cause the skin to accumulate a lot of fat or dead cells, which leads to acne problems.

How to Remove Acne Marks
Acne photo: Pixabay.

That’s why before adopting this method to maintain the skin’s natural hydration, Suggest seeing your family doctor Advise on whether its use is suitable for your skin type.

But don’t worry, Vaseline can be a powerful and safe face mask If we combine it with another ingredient, it can be used on the face. Read on and find out what it’s all about.

Vaseline Moisturizing Mask

raw material:

  • protein.
  • Vaseline.
How to Prepare an Egg Mask
Egg. Photo: Pexels.

To prepare it, you just need Mix the egg whites with three tablespoons of petroleum jelly until a consistency similar to that of body cream is achieved.before applying wash face verythen take a small amount of mask to start Gently apply in circular motions.

wait Let the product work on your face About 30 minutes, remove with warm water.It’s that simple, you get a Porcelain effect leather This is thanks to the concentration of protein in eggs.

Don’t forget, if you want firmer skin, You Should Use This Natural Remedy Three Times a Week Before sleep.

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