Honey, a Great Ally for Relief from Flu, Coughs, and Other Ailments

This delicious liquid made by bees is a nutritious, healthy and natural food for people. Also, it has great benefits for fighting diseases.

Honey is considered an ancient food due to its enormous benefits for human health. During times of rising temperatures, unbearable heat waves and rain, people are more prone to flu, coughs and other respiratory ailments, but this delicious liquid is ideal for combating them.

Artisanal honey is often consumed by people as they have been shown to help with ailments such as acne or pimples on the skin, especially the dry cough that often occurs in children and adults due to climate change. domestic.

Many people know that this bee liquid has antiseptic properties, which is why its use for sore throats has become popular.

Dr Charlotte Smith of the Urgent Care Center at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia said, “Honey is one of the best remedies for this problem because it has natural antimicrobial properties and acts as a wound healing agent, providing immediate pain relief while working to relieve the pain. Pain.” Reduces inflammation. “

Honey also kills bacteria and helps fight viral infections, Smith explains.

According to Dr. Ron Fressenden, member of the American Council on Honey and Health, honey has properties that can help with ailments, such as reducing metabolic stress and promoting restorative sleep. However, he stresses that it must be natural and not other types of adulterated, blended or heat-treated honey.

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Cinnamon tea with honey is very effective for health. Photo/Pixabay

According to experts, there are about 320 types of honey, which vary in color, aroma and flavor. They consist primarily of sugar, along with a mix of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, and antioxidants.

In addition to being used as a natural sweetener, honey is also used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibiotic.

So keep an eye out, because here you’ll learn how to take it orally for respiratory ailments and how to use it topically for skin ailments.

cough relief

For sore throats and coughs, this product is essential to relieve it. Simply mix two tablespoons of honey into a glass of warm water or tea, stir well, and drink morning and night. For a one-year-old child, it is best to consult a doctor, as honey should not be given to babies at this age.

Tea can fight the flu

All you need to make tea is a cup of hot water, lemon juice, and a tablespoon of honey. You have to mix everything well and that’s it. You should take it in the morning and evening so you can sleep restfully.

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Gastrointestinal disease

According to the Mayo Clinic, honey can help prevent gastrointestinal disorders, such as diarrhea associated with gastroenteritis. This may also be effective as part of oral rehydration therapy.

Perhaps you have had more than one inability to pass stool and the main reason was constipation, in which case you should take a tablespoon or two of honey as it acts as a mild laxative so you can have a bowel movement. There is nothing wrong with the bathroom.

Nervous system disease

Research suggests that honey may have antidepressant, anticonvulsant, and anxiolytic properties. Some studies show that it helps prevent memory impairment. To put it into practice, all you have to do is drink a teaspoon of honey every day. This will help you absorb and fix calcium in your body for proper brain function.

improve sleeping

Honey can promote relaxation and sleep at night because the natural sugars it contains produce a slight insulin release, making it easier for tryptophan to enter the brain. Plus, it can help you relax, reduce stress, fatigue, and of course, tiredness.

Acne and Skin Problems

Some people go to great lengths to use beauty products to get rid of acne or pimples on their face, but they do not receive effective results. The solution is this natural liquid. Just apply it to the affected area and wait for some time to see the effect. It is also effective on dry skin, burns, wounds, or other pimples caused by bacteria.

regulate blood sugar

“Many people say that honey increases sugar, but the truth is that it regulates sugar. The secret lies in the balance of fructose and glucose, because when you eat honey, the fructose part allows the liver to capture glucose to form glycogen, which produces glycogen. For the brain, heart, kidney and red blood cell use,” according to the website www.cocinafacil.com.mx

diuretic effect

On the Cocina Fácil website, this delicious liquid is also used for weight loss. Just drink a glass of hot water with half a teaspoon of honey and ground cinnamon on an empty stomach and before bed. This will help you reduce bad cholesterol, while the cinnamon will quench your hunger. In addition, it prevents the accumulation of fat in the body despite the intake of high-calorie foods.

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