Horacio Pagani, shouting for Juanfer Quintero: “The goal he scored against Boca doesn’t mean anything!”

Journalist Horacio Pagani was praised this Wednesday is a discussion with a chronicler of the program in which he participates when he said that the imminent return of Juan Fernando Quintero to River confirms the elite category of Marcelo Gallardo’s team, and ended up shouting in the middle of the game by ensuring that “The goal that Quintero did to Boca in Madrid does not mean anything.”

To the screams in the air

The chronicler of TyC Sports announced the return of Quintero – it would be made official shortly – like that of “Author of the most important goal in the history of the Superclásicos”, something that drove the mythical journalist crazy, which gave way to the next round trip:

Pagani: No, I want to explain to this kid … Do you know what I want to explain to this kid? That a goal is a single goal, it doesn’t mean anything.

Chronicler: How does it mean nothing?

Pagani: It doesn’t mean anything because that game ended tied.

Chronicler: How did it end up tied?

Pagani: The game ended tied and then there was extra time. Two minutes into that extra time, Boca was left with one less player …

Chronicler: Good or bad expelled?

Pagani: Badly expelled

Chronicler: Ah, badly expelled …

Pagani: He was left with one less player after two minutes and they made a circus of that. The circus that was put together, especially from the press … River won the game, came out champion, a very important game that River won (with an ironic tone). There was a ball that hit the post at the last minute, Jara’s, a game that could have ended tied and went to penalties, surely.

QUINTERO.  He scored a key goal for Boca in the 2018 Libertadores final (Photo: AFP)
QUINTERO. He scored a key goal for Boca in the 2018 Libertadores final (Photo: AFP)

Chronicler: But it didn’t end

Pagani: As the chin Chin (sic) is to try to make forget that River went to the B, then it is about grabbing that game to cover the other, and the journalists are the main responsible.

Chronicler: the most important match

Pagani: The most important match? A match is a match! Boca beat River in 2004 the semi of the Copa Libertadores in River’s court! And in the year ’76, they had never faced each other head-to-head, that match was played on the Racing court and Boca won it! The Boca fan in no way changes a defeat in the Copa Libertadores for having gone to B. How is a player going to come back because he scored a goal?

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