Horacio Palencia revealed that it was proposed to warm to the gay community


The city of Mexico.- The singer of regional mexican Horacio Palenciain an interview for the program Gustavo, Adolfo Infante,, In The First Leg, contempt of court, which has received the hot part of the community LGBT.

In his message, seala your issues romnticos led to the lower passions, on the part of his supporters and followers, and for the community gay he was received in great shape.

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I have received a message from the seoras, married, of children, of children, of all kinds, but it has to be taken care of… in addition to all the gay people that write me, it’s a community that I love very much,” he said.

At this time, the interpreter is currently promoting her new single My bug’s favoritewhich was a good aceptacin on the part of our lives.

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Source: First-Hand