Horizon Zero, Dawn-head on the PC Release in the summer of 2020!


Feature expansion pack and bonus content

Increasingly, the concept of will Platform in open video games already becoming more and more popular. Three Giant video games Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo began to adopt the concept of cross-platform all Gamer can interact with each other. In addition, a variety of Game Developers also began to trust, and release the game in different types of Platform.

After Microsoft ensures the game-the game the last you in the future to be played in PC and also the consoles of the previous generation, the Sony open. Not only the release Death / Stranding, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Man for the PC, do you also do the same the game popular adventure-you, Horizon Zero Dawn!

1. The Game Decima second for the PC

Horizon Zero, Dawn-head on the PC Release in the summer of 2020!steampowered.com

Horizon Zero Dawn exclusive games of Sony and Decima-Engine in the PC. The name Decima Motor itself originates from the island of Dejima in Japan, that the real center of the trade between Japan and the VOC, the Dutch in the 17th century. Not only a symbol of friendship between Japan and the Netherlands (Sony and guerrilla, based in Amsterdam), it turns out that this name also as a symbol of how Sony started up to the “outside world”.

You will play the alloys in the Game Horizon Zero Dawn this is set in the century-31. In this world human life is fragmented in various tribes of primitive technologically. The earth is now inhabited by a variety of robots that look like animals. An incident brings high-Quality, you will discover the facts that occurred centuries ago, as well as his past.

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2. Comes as a Complete Edition

Horizon Zero, Dawn-head on the PC Release in the summer of 2020!steampowered.com

The presence of the Horizon Zero Dawn in the PC, the directly from the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Hermen Hulst. He also promises there is still other information will be presented in the context of ported game this.

Horizon Zero, the Dawn of the PC version is present in the version of the Complete Edition, which means it is already included in the scope of delivery expansion pack The Frozen Wildsas well as a number of weapons/costumes Carja, Nora, and Banuk.

3. Stay loyal to PlayStation

Horizon Zero, Dawn-head on the PC Release in the summer of 2020!steampowered.com

With more and more first-party developers PlayStation, the was preparing, to the PC (Quantic Dream, Kojima Productions), and later the guerrilla will be released the game for PC? “…The release of the title the game AAA first party we PC does not mean we make ourselves the game for the PC,” said Hulst. He continues to be committed to the support of Sony and the PlayStation, which is very reasonable, because Hulst is in charge of a variety of studio first party belongs to Sony.

Horizon Zero Dawn-Complete Edition will start sharing on the PC until the summer of 2020. You can put it on the wishlist steam them from now on.

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