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Horizon Zero Dawn now runs at 4K and 60FPS on PlayStation 5

Sony and developer Guerilla Games They have released by surprise a new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn that will allow the game to run in 4K at 60FPS on PS5. This news comes from Guerrilla Games’ official Twitter account, which tweeted the news shortly after the Horizon Forbidden West release date was revealed during this year’s Gamescom opening night live performance.

As detailed in the Guerilla Games tweet, Horizon Zero Dawn and the Complete Edition will now run in 4K at 60FPS for all PS5 owners thanks to this new patch. Those who already own the game will simply have to download the patch for free and the improvements should be ready and waiting. Those who have not yet played the game can purchase it on both PS4 and PS5, although they will have to play it on the latter to see the improvements.

For those who haven’t played yet, Horizon zero dawn is an open-world action-adventure game in which players take on the role of Aloy, a young woman who sets out on a journey from her endearing town to discover the secrets of her past and find out how to stop the rise of robotic dinosaurs that they endanger the world.

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As we’ve already said, this news comes shortly after the Horizon Forbidden West release date was announced during Gamescom. The game was said to be delayed until 2022, and this new release date confirms that rumor. Rather than launching in 2021, Horizon Forbidden West will now launch on February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

If you’ve been keeping up with the development of Forbidden West and are concerned that such a technically impressive game might run on older hardware, Guerrilla Games has assured fans that there will be no problem. Horizon Forbidden West game director Mathijs de Jonge explained that the game was developed with PS4 in mind and that “the game will look fantastic on that console.”

For now, Horizon Zero Dawn fans can look forward to Aloy’s arrival at Genshin Impact.

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