Horner believes that Tsunona affected Pérez and Verstappen in Mexico

Japanese rider Yuki Tsunoda became the center of attention for the team Red bull racing when affecting the last lap of Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen during the final part of the classification of the 2021 Mexican Grand Prix.

Pérez and Verstappen were separated by the minimum distance necessary to avoid getting in the way on their turns, with the Mexican ahead of the championship leader.

The Dutchman was recovering a difference of 0.350s against Valtteri Bottas, who had set the best time in his first attempt, thanks to the trailer provided by the Mexican, but he had to release the accelerator when he saw how Pérez had to leave the track and transit the area of ​​the corners is on the outside to avoid hitting Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri.

Pérez was upset at having found the Japanese driver in that area and Christian Horner, director of Red Bull Racing, also pointed to the Japanese as one of the reasons why his drivers failed to improve.

“I think we were presented with a Tsunoda,” Horner told Sky Sports F1. “Both drivers were on the last lap and Max was two and a half tenths and I think Checo was less than two tenths.”

“I don’t understand why he was turning in that part of the circuit. So it is disappointing because it affected both drivers because they are both quite upset. But we are still in the second row of the grid and we can have a great race from there ”.

The situation led to both Verstappen as Pérez they had no opportunity to improve their record so both will start from the second row, with the Dutchman ahead of the Mexican.

Sergio Pérez, Red Bull Racing RB16B

Sergio Pérez, Red Bull Racing RB16B

Photo by: Steven Tee / Motorsport Images

When talking about the pace exhibited by Mercedes, owners of the front row with Valtteri Bottas starting from pole and with an advantage of more than three tenths of a second over Verstappen; Horner believes that the fight will be tight even in the face of what the German team exhibited.

“They have been very, very fast. I think yesterday we could see that they have fixed their engine problems that they had previously here. We have underperformed in the third sector, but it will still be very, very tight. “

“I think tomorrow’s race, again, will be very close. They have a good straight line speed so it will be difficult here ”.

When asked if the slipstream could be the solution to reduce the difference against Mercedes in the first laps and at the time of reaching the main straight, Horner considers that “you have to be careful because you cannot continue too long, because the temperatures begin to get out of control ”.

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But he warned that the real possibility is to leave the stadium area with a minimal difference on the way to the Nigel Mansell corner to take advantage of the trailer there.

“This is where we have to be close enough. We have been very good on the medium tire all weekend. We will not see the soft tire again. Max has never been very happy with the soft so far this weekend, so I think being with the medium and the hard will be fine for us. The first thing is to attack at the start and see the formation that exists when we get to turn 1 ”, he concluded.

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