Horrified, Kawasaki Ninja 250 Split Almost In Two Parts, Which Are Directly Carried Out By The Police, Daihatsu Taruna The Front – All The Pages Popped


GridMotor.id The frequency of accidents can happen to anyone and anywhere.

Therefore, the accidents that still occur frequently, should be a lesson.

In General, accidents because of carelessness and high speed.

Never concentration while riding motro dawdle, or lack of, because the consequences can be fatal.

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The same as the information obtained GridMotor from the account Instagram @infocegatansukoharjo here.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 hardly broken cadets in two after the hit Daihasu.

The car was the color red, popped on the part of the front bumper next to the left and the glass shattered.

The incident of this accident was a shock to the local residents due to the loud noise of the impact.

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The collision itself occurred at the intersection of 4 Tengklik, Tawangsari on Thursday (12/3/2020) yesterday.

According to the information of the citizens on the SCENE, while at the intersection of the oncoming car from the direction of West to East, while the engine in the direction of the North, arriving on the scene of an accident.

From the video it appears four people and supports drag by a member of the police, the Kawasaki Ninja 250 at the edge of the road.

Not described the condition of the victims, locals and car drivers.

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Cases of accident are already dealt with by the local police.

Always be wary of gaes, Yes…