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Hoskinson Says Cardano Is On A “Different Path” Than Ethereum, Bitcoin

Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH) have a lot in common. Both are types of digital currencies that also function as programmable ecosystems. That means other tokens and applications can be built on your networks. But they are taking very different routes.

In a recent interview, this was one of the topics for discussion, where IOHK founder and CEO Charles Hoskinson said,

“Vitalik’s Ethereum project has done a phenomenal job with what they have built. They have built a great community and a great cryptocurrency. I just don’t agree with the business philosophy and you see those disagreements at Cardano. We are following a very different path. “

Cardano has an impressive pedigree and long-term vision for its blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, “Bitcoin was worth nothing in 2009 and then it was worth a lot in 2013.” Hoskinson said about Bitcoin. However, a major problem remains, according to him. He said,

“You can’t do much with it, you can only drive value, you can issue a token. However, you can’t do smart contracts, you can’t do anything. Just like in the early days of the internet, with the web browser , you could only see the static pages. “

Cardano is an advanced blockchain and has been working to expand its ecosystem. The project’s advancements in Africa certainly made headlines when it was first launched. As recently mentioned, IOHK’s “strategy for Africa” ​​was aimed at fostering Cardano Adoption in Africa for ordinary people and businesses.

These incorporated objectives such as engaging with local stakeholders in delivering projects that solve real problems in the market, but also training and educating local developers to create solutions for local problems. For example, consider the IOHK Ethiopia Blockchain Agreement. With this development, Ethiopian schools will use the Cardano blockchain to track student performance.

Having said that, Cardano has suffered from some malicious activities in the past as well. As warned by Hoskinson, millions of dollars in ADA are stolen by cryptocurrency giveaway scams every month. This feed on the Cardano forum expands on this topic.

Combining all the aforementioned developments, have they affected the popularity of the third largest token within the community? Well, several crypto analysts remain bullish. For example, analyst and trader Benjamin Cowen in a recent video projected ADA’s potential to hit $ 20, this bullish cycle, outperforming Bitcoin. Meanwhile, Google Trends data showed that interest in the search term “Buy Cardano.” It reached a 3-month high.

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