Hospitalizations due to flu will increase in Entre Ríos province, they warn

Diego Garcirazo, director of epidemiology at the Ministry of Health of Entre Ríos, mentioned the progress of the influenza vaccination campaign carried out in Entre Ríos.

Within this framework, provincial agencies have confirmed an increase in the number of people hospitalized due to flu cases.

In that sense, Garcirazzo said, “They start in March and continue until December. The main role of the vaccine is to avoid complications during hospitalization. From a public health point of view, we observe that, If most people get vaccinated, there will be fewer hospitalizations, which is why they target high-risk groups.”

Likewise, he said there had been an increase in the number of people hospitalized with flu symptoms in recent weeks, recalling that those who should be vaccinated are children aged 6 to 24 months, people over 65, pregnant and postpartum women, and those . People with concomitant diseases.

On the other hand, the official said that cases of COVID-19 continue to be registered, so he recommends continuing to get vaccinated annually and, for high-risk groups, every 6 months.

Along these lines, he clarified: “You can have a lifetime dose, but you have to renew it because in the case of COVID-19, when the flu virus mutates, the defenses go down, so the vaccine changes every year. ’, he concluded.

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