Hospitalized Óscar Chávez by coronavirus Covid-19


Oscar Chavez he was hospitalized for symptoms of coronavirus Covid-19so it is confirmed in the Twitter the singer-songwriter.

The interpreter of “Macondo”, “por Ti” and “La niña de Guatemala,” among many others, is under medical observation, according to the message, and that will give more reports as time passes.

Valentina Lopez, a representative for the singer said that Chavez was admitted yesterday to the hospital in a state delicate, but stable.

“His symptoms were fever, pain of body, he struggled a little to breathe. He is super healthy, only that it has 85 years,” he said.

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With this information, it ensures that the so-called “Caifán more”, the nickname he received due to the tape “Los caifanes” (1967) del director Juan Ibáñez is located in the National Medical Center November 20.

Oscar Chavez, 85 years of age, is a fundamental part of the music of the trova answer, folklore and trio in Mexico and among his last appearances was in the music festival Vive Latino from 2019, where he was applauded by thousands of young people.

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