“Hostages of the Sea”, a new Sky Original series with Marco Bocci in November: teaser trailer

Moral dilemmas and ethical questions, hope and pain, solidarity and cruelty, life and death are just some of the topics in the spotlight Undesirables – hostages of the sea, a new Sky Original series exclusively on Sky and streaming only NOW from November, is revealed today in the first dramatic images from the teaser trailer. The series will soon be available in all European countries where Sky operates.

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Undesirables – hostages of the sea loosely taken from Bilal, an investigative book by undercover journalist Fabrizio Gatti about a journey he undertook along the routes of the Sahara, populated not only by migrants who move from Africa to Europe, but also by those in business profiting from their desperation.

The series consists of eight episodes. produced by Sky Studios in association with Pantaleon Films and Indiana Production. and created Stefano Biseswho wrote it in collaboration with Alessandro Valenti, Bernardo Pellegrini AND Michela Straniero.

Directing Oliver Hirschbiegelaward-winning German director, renowned worldwide for films such as The Fall – The Last Days of Hitler, Diana and winner of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Shadow of VengeanceFive minutes of heaven.

THE UNWANTING ARE HOSTAGES OF THE SEA reveals what happens when the Orizzonte cruise ship full of Western tourists rescues a group of migrants after their boat sinks. The stories of the cruise crew and passengers will be intertwined with the stories of the ship’s new guests. The situation will worsen when some of the migrants, discovering that the cruise is moving towards Libya, from which they left, decide in desperation to take the ship hostage.

Filmed in English, Italian, German, French and various African dialects, the series features a large multicultural cast led by Marco Bocci AND Jessica Schwartzand that includes Dada Bozela, Hasan Najib, Jonathan Berlin, Jason Derek Prempeh, Cecilia Dazzi, Francesco Aquaroli, Barbara Auer, Sylvester Grotto, Marco Palvetti, Denise Capezza, Nuala Peberdy, Samuel Kalambay, Amadou Mbow, Edward Asante Apeagi, Decisive Massaca, Onyinye Odokoro, Massimo De Lorenzo, Scott Williams.

UNWANTED – HOSTAGES OF THE SEA by Stefano Bises was written by Stefano Bises in collaboration with Alessandro Valenti, Bernardo Pellegrini and Michela Straniero.

The Pantaleon series is produced by Dan Maag, Marco Beckmann, Patrick Zohrer, Stephanie Schettler-Köhler and producer Sascha Rozmann, who first came up with the idea of ​​adapting the book by Fabrizio Gatti; for Indiana it is produced by Fabrizio Donvito, Benedetto Habib, Daniel Campos Pavoncelli and Marco Cohen. Executive producers for Sky Studios are Nils Hartmann and Sonia Rovai.

NBCUniversal Global Distribution is the international distributor of the series on behalf of Sky Studios.

Orizzonte is a giant cruise ship. Five thousand people on board, including passengers and crew, fifteen restaurants, a theater, a nightclub, shops, swimming pools, a luxurious spa. A city on water that floats on the Mediterranean Sea, catering to the leisure of its European guests, who have to do nothing for seven days except eat, drink and be merry. But real life, which should have remained on land, bursts onto the ship on the very first night on the open sea: twenty-eight African migrants who survived the shipwreck of the boat on which they tried to reach Italy were rescued from the sea, although more than a hundred of them did not do. For those people fleeing hunger, war, slavery and persecution, Horizon represents salvation and the incredible first step into the world they have dreamed of.

For passengers, encountering migrants at the start of a carefree holiday is a reality check they would likely do without. Because the migrants’ discovery that the ship is heading to North Africa, where they are fleeing, disrupts the cruise and turns the Horizonte into epicenter the global migration crisis, human trafficking and the fact that the Western world is doing everything to prevent “illegal immigrants” from entering. Prejudices and preconceptions grip the minds of passengers, refugees and crew members just like the borders that separate countries around the world. Here, on board the Horizonte, humanity and cruelty, tolerance and racism, hope and pain, life and, finally, death will come into inevitable collision…

UNWANTED – HOSTAGES OF THE SEA | Exclusive on Sky from November and streaming only on NOW..

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